Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why McCain Must Win

by Bruce Walker - July 19th, 2008 - Canda Free Press

Although some of us have heard the story so often that we are sick of it, McCain in war showed more physical and moral courage than most of us could even muster. Yes, he was a POW and not a hero. Yes, McCain has milked it for all that it is worth. None of that changes the facts: He could have gone home, ended his torture sessions, and no sane person would have held it against him.

This old fact of this old politician’s life will always be in the back of the minds of our fighting forces. Many of them may dislike McCain, but none of them can doubt that he truly knows the horrors that they face in war and that he will not put them in harm’s way without cause. This makes McCain, whether we like it or not, a good wartime president.

Morale in military conflict is more important than equipment or tactics or numbers. Morale is the key to victory. There seems little doubt that McCain will provide the right equipment and sufficient numbers of troops. He seems to understand military tactics and operations well. But most importantly, McCain can lead our forces in a way that few Americans could. That means McCain can win this war for us. That is why McCain must win this November.

We are at war. It is a war that we did not start. Though some on the left just do not get it, this war is with a movement that assuredly did include Saddam Hussein. Some of us do get it. We must destroy the forces that are driving this maniacal movement, Islamo-fascism. It can destroy us and we must win for the future of individual freedom on this planet. It is reality that if they ever get nuclear bombs we will see the holocaust that we avoided with the Soviet Union. Losing is simply not conceivable to anyone who thinks freedom is worth fighting for. This makes John McCain an exciting candidate. On this issue, there is no one his equal.


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