Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No joke:
Minnesota race is soooo ugly ...

by Josh Kraushaar - November 10th, 2008 - Politico

Over the past six days, as county election officials double-checked their official tallies, Coleman’s lead has seemingly narrowed on a daily basis, down more than 500 votes from a 725-vote lead last Wednesday. His campaign has alleged it is a victim of ballot shenanigans as most corrected tallies have been in Franken’s favor.

Democrats have been masters at stealing elections for years. In almost every county in America, there are corrupt democrat bureaucrats who the run the elections process. They are masters at spoiling the ballots of Republicans to facilitate stealing close elections. The lie that George Bush did not win in Florida was fostered by the reality that every single recount done during that election resulted in another 1500 to 2000 spoiled ballots for Bush. Never any for Gore. That is statistically impossible.

The reason that Democrats wanted to continue the recount in that election was that they could sense that they were going to win if they had another day or two of back room access to the physical ballots. Their anger was that the corrupt process was cut short.

How can anyone with a brain not observe that whenever there is a close election like the one in Minnesota, the Democrat candidate never has any spoiled ballots but the Republican candidate has hundreds if not thousands on every recount cycle? Such blatant corruption should be obvious. Then the only people who report on it are the democrat loving socialist sympathizers of the press. This is never a problem for them.

This is not just corrupt, it is insane! Do today's Americans not have any brains?


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