Friday, December 05, 2008

Pakistan Mulls Downing U.S. Drones

by Nasir Khan - December 4th, 2008 - Washington Times

Pakistani officials are urging the incoming Obama administration to stop air attacks on Pakistani territory and even are hinting that they might shoot down U.S. drones that have hit al Qaeda militants and civilian bystanders.

The response to this threat needs to be understood in light of the growing rumor that Barack Obama wants to make his first visit to a foreign country a visit to a Muslim Country. Cairo Egypt is one site that is being floated as a trial balloon for his first trip abroad. Another is Indonesia. Either is a curious step for someone who is preceived as a Muslim sympathizer by hald our nation.

The real concern for our future? Pakistan already has nuclear bombs, and A. Q. Khan is ready to resume his help getting nuclear bombs for other Muslim countries the minute that we lose support of the moderate (reasonably moderate at least) government in Pakistan. It was only 40 years ago that the last socialist government in America, under Jimmy Carter, abandoned the Shah and turned loose the tyrannical evil Iranian Ayatollahs that have funded so many of our enemies. Obama seems poised to encourage the Muslim extremists to take over more of the Middle East, with the clear sign that he is not going to resist. As he emaciates American opposition to the war against Islamo-fascists, the world will become a much more extreme and dangerous place.

If Pakistan goes extremist, and the well funded (by American foreign aid) Egypt goes extremist, it will not take long before we will see nuclear bombs going off here in America. Those bombs will probably follow the first nuclear bombs going off in Tel Aviv, though it is possible we will be first.

Jimmy Carter did more damage to America's security in 4 years than we have been able to repair in the 38 years since. I have little doubt that 40 years after Obama has left the public stage, the evil he will have inflicted will be worse. The only real question is how many Americans will die for the Magic Marxist Messiah's delusions?


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