Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Civil War In Iran

Life in Iran for its citizens is exactly how life in America will become if the Magic Marxist Messiah has his way.

These pictures show what it takes to end a socialist nation's grip on power. Though America has interfered in Iran before (the last time by Jimmy Carter to install the tyranny they currently live under) Obama seems to feel no concern for what is happening in the streets of Iran. Actually, he is probably the single most important cause of the riots according to one blogger from Tehran. He says the fear that America will never help while Obama is in charge is a significant contributor to the hopelessness that is fueling these riots.

There are only two questions. How many will die and whether their deaths will accomplish something good immediately or simply be a down payment in mankind's ongoing quest for freedom? Some say we need to pray for peace. I say... pray for freedom.


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