Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hansen Versus Reality

James Hansen is one of the most virulently adamant proponents of anthropogenic global warming, the concept that man is making the planet heat up. Since 1988 he has repeatedly produced graphs that forecast the dire consequences of not immediately surrendering all control of energy to him and other liberals so they can save the planet. He is also the person who insists against all evidence that global warming has been proved and anyone who doubts it is an evil "denier" who should be incarcerated. Yep. If you disagree with him, you should be incarcerated.

So this is a rather interesting graph. What is shows is that based on his predictions, given to congress in 1988, he could not even accurately predict a two year period with one of his famous computer analyses. The 1988 actual data was less than one of his predictions projected [GISS-B(88)]. However his predictions for the best case under Drastic Cuts is way off the actual data for 2009. Since none of the drastic cuts have taken place that is ironic to say the least. His projections for 2009 based on the [GISS-A(88)] projections (under the assumption nothing is done) are so far off they are laughable.

Why do liberals continue to tout this man as an expert when he has proven so wrong so often?

Man is not causing global warming. In fact the premise itself has been disproved by the last 11 years since CO2 has continued to rise while temperatures have dropped. The opposite is the essence of their arguments. For how many years do they have to be proven wrong before they stop demanding that everyone concede they are right? They have been wrong every year since 1988. Is that not enough?


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