Monday, August 10, 2009

Nancy And The Astroturfers

Click on the title above to link to a great set of pictures about one of the anti socialized medicine protests. It shows extensive evidence that the anti-Obama protestors are not paid stooges, but that the pro-Obama supporters are in fact, union thugs who are willing to use agressive tactics to shut down protests.

See the picture below showing a union member (in the grey sweat shirt) tearing a sign out of the hands of an anti-Obama protestor. Note the union member had to go around the police tape to get to the lady who had the sign that so infuriated her. She is not just being hostile, she is breaking the rules to do it.

The accusations of paid protestors by the left are a classic example of projection. That is exactly what the leftwing pro-Obama supporters are. They are usually paid protestors of either the SEIU or ACORN.

Great coverage of this anti socialized medicine rally. Click
here to see it all.


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