Friday, August 14, 2009

Obama's Deadly Defense Cuts

by Malcolm Wallop - August 13, 2009 - NewsMax

The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget cuts – particularly the deep cuts to our homeland missile defense system – are signaling North Korea and Iran that we do not have the will to counter their aggressive actions. In response, Iran and North Korea have tested ballistic missiles or nuclear weapons on numerous occasions, flouting decades of diplomatic non-proliferation efforts and nudging the U.S. onto a crash course towards armed conflict.

During this current crisis over health care, no one should think that the Obama commitment to gutting our national defense capability has ended. Notwithstanding vague protestations about how Obama is not going to allow our defense capability to be harmed, Obama has Eric Holder working to destroy the CIA and at the same time he has Robert Gates gutting the F22 program and the missle programs noted here.

Obama clearly plans to constantly have so many simulataneous actions to harm America going on at once that they overwhelm the American people's ability to respond.


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