Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tempers Flare At Town Hall

by Mike Hixenbaugh - August 11, 2009
- Rocky Mount Telegram

U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield attempted to “set the record straight” on health care reform Tuesday during a Rocky Mount town hall meeting that drew hundreds of advocates and opponents of the proposed government overhaul.

The capacity crowd that packed Parker Middle School for the forum seemed evenly divided between those who support President Barack Obama’s plan to reform health care and those who are determined to defeat it.


A recent poll by Public Policy Polling showed 50 percent of North Carolinians oppose Obama’s efforts, with 39 percent in support.

This is an interesting article that tries to remain neutral, yet ultimately is heavily influenced by mis-information from the Democrat pro-health care revolution side. What seems bizarre to me is the fact that no one seems to be interested in who Republicans can possibly be representing in this case. The Democrats insist that doctors are on board - through AMA support, the Nurses are on board, Pharmaceuticals are on board - with the complicity of the Pharmacy lobbying group headed by Republican Tauzin, the largest insurers are on board - as announced by President Obama when he touted AARP support (which is actually involved in writing the bill with its lobbyists). So who are the Republicans in opposition representing?

The Democrats keep using Doctors, Phramaceuticals and Insurers as the bad guys in their vitriolic criticisms of health care, and yet most if not all of these groups are supposedly on board with the Democrat proposal at the same time. So, I repeat, who are the Republicans representing? Democrats have total control of government too. So why do they care if the powerless Republicans are criticizing the concept of government controlled health care anyway? Is it because more than 60% of Independents are opposed?

Meanwhile, the Democrats are advertising in Craigslist to hire people to oppose the Republicans and at the same time screaming about how the Republicans are using artificial grass roots to oppose the bill. How much more artificial can you get than to hire people to go to these meetings?

Something stinks in this health care debate. 80% of Americans consider our system to provide them excellent care. Yet this article never takes note of that at all. Why?


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