Monday, August 17, 2009

Young Voters Should
Take Another Look
At Obama

by Michael Barone - August 16th, 2009 - Washington Examiner

Centralized government isn’t fast on the uptake. I’ve lived nearly 10 years longer than my grandfathers did because I take pills that didn’t exist when they were alive. Don’t you want the benefits of innovations and discoveries, like tailored genetic treatments, which don’t exist yet? Freezing health care is stasist, not dynamist.

This is a great article and brings attention to the real threat of a statist attitude (i.e. socialist - tyrannical) toward government. It always leads to tyranny on both a micro and macro level. Getting people to believe that is the real key to avoiding the disaster of their voting for policies whose consequences they will hate. However this article brought my attention to two new words, "dynamist" and "stasist", that I had never heard before.

As explained to young voters in the article:

I ask you to examine them [Obama's goals] through the prism of a book published in 1999, when most of you were too young to vote: “The Future and Its Enemies,” by Virginia Postrel (an Obama voter, too, by the way). Postrel assesses policies based not on whether they are liberal or conservative but on whether they are dynamist — promoting or leaving room for change — or stasist — tending to freeze institutions and people in place.

Michael Barone makes it clear how he views the actions of Obama and the Democrats. I think that he is right. However the key to changing the future is getting young people to recognize that stasist is bad and that socialist processes are always stasist (as well as being statist). Unfortunately most of our young have been brain washed for 40 years to believe socialism means good and capitalism means bad. Additionally they have had their deductive logic processes stifled by "political correctness". I wonder whether the young are capable of seeing the disasters they are fomenting?


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