Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wall Street Is
Corporate Socialism

A blogger named "frenchie" posted the following list of donors to the Obama campaign summarized by their respective organizations.

University of California $1,591,395
Goldman Sachs $994,795
Harvard University $854,747
Microsoft Corp $833,617
Google Inc $803,436
Citigroup Inc $701,290
JPMorgan Chase & Co $695,132
Time Warner $590,084
Sidley Austin LLP $588,598
Stanford University $586,557
National Amusements Inc $551,683
UBS AG $543,219
Wilmerhale Llp $542,618
Skadden, Arps et al $530,839
IBM Corp $528,822
Columbia University $528,302
Morgan Stanley $514,881
General Electric $499,130
US Government $494,820 (Our civil servants of course!)
Latham & Watkins $493,835

Excluding the marxists from our major universities, the "corporate socialists" (or "crony capitalists" if you prefer) from Wall Street and the Fortune 500 are the major supporters of Democrats, Obama and various other socialists who run for office.

When, when, when... will Republicans wake up and realize that Wall Street no longer repersents the interests of free enterprise. With their dedication to mergers and acquistions to create monopolies, their invention of scams like deriviatives and collateralized bond obligations, Wall Street no longer funds America's businesses. They are nothing but a lottery system to suck profits FROM free enterprise, not a funding source FOR free enterprise.

Knee jerk defense of Wall Street is the dumbest Republican response possible.


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