Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beyond Pathetic

by Andrew B. Wilson - June 28th, 2010 (Publication Date) - The Weekly Standard

BP’s Gulf disaster was no surprise to those who understood the corporate culture.

How ironic that this disaster is the fault of the corporation that almost single handed drove the cap-and-tax idiocy Obama and the Democrats espouse here in America. Through its huge political contributions to Obama and the Democrats, it also helped to create the crony capitalism environment we currently face in America.

There has to be some poetic justice in the dressing down that BP received at the hands of the people they thought they had bought. Politicians don't stay bought.

This article is an extremely valuable debriefing of both the culture of environmentalism that allowed BP's processes to deteriorate (leading to a number of near disasters before the big disaster occurred) along with the political corruption that permeated this ignorant company's loss of attention to their main job.

Their actions were truly beyond pathetic.


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