Friday, October 29, 2010

Obama Impeachment? Go Ahead. Make My Day.

by Dean Stephens - October 29th, 2010

Barack Obama has traditionally done things in a different fashion than those who came before. His campaign for the Presidency was unique, as he refused to say anything specific about what his plans were for governing. He talked in grandiose terms about change, bipartisanship, hope…

Those days of grandiose terms are over. Doing things differently is not though. This year Obama is demonizing his opponents, talking about how everyone who opposes him is evil. He still talks in vague terms about cars in ditches without addressing the specifics of what caused the economic downturn we all face. He blames all of his problems on others, even though no downturns have lasted this long before… except for the single downturn during the great depression where the same progressive solutions were tried for a decade and never fixed the problem. Obama is failing but he insists it is not his fault.

Obama does not seem to realize that it is not just his supporters who hear him say with his cool disdain that anyone who opposes him is an "enemy". No President in history has used such harsh terms to describe those he disagrees with. Obama is not using these words against the people running against Democrats. Mud-slinging attack ads against candidates are fairly common. Obama makes it clear he means these insults for the voters who are against him. He is going after Republican voters and Tea Party voters and Independent voters... castigating them all. He is even castigating his own supporters for not being sufficiently energized. He is demonizing everyone. Americans are not used to this. This is not how things are done.

Then again Obama is threatening a number of actions that have never been tried before in our nation. After his cap-and-tax bill failed in the Senate, Obama insisted that he could do it anyway by use of Executive Orders to allow the EPA to regulate CO2. The courts blocked this. However Obama has made it clear he will ignore the courts. This is not how things are done.

Obama is also threatening to use the National Labor Relations Board to implement the illegal practice of 'card check', where secret ballots are abandoned and unions are allowed to represent employees through blackmail, coercion and threats. No law has been passed to allow this. Once again Obama claims he will legislate through Executive Orders. This is not how things are done.

The anger that results cannot be blamed on the people who are reacting to his words. Obama is the one who is creating the conflict by violating the rules of decorum that have been traditional in our prior elections. He is even violating the processes that have been deemed legal for creating new laws. This anger is not going away. The response has been a growing desire to block Obama’s efforts.

There have been a number of articles recently advocating Obama's impeachment, and the rage that is behind them cannot be dismissed. A very large number of people are outraged at him. Some believe that is exactly what Obama wants. They believe his insults to voters are planned to inspire this outrage.

I am opposed to impeaching Obama unless he takes some action that is clearly illegal. I am not convinced he has done that yet, though some of his actions sure come close. However there are a number of people like me who are ready to join those calling for impeachment if Obama steps over the line with the actions listed above. We are watching and waiting. It is sort of like the Dirty Harry movies. Our position on impeachment is simple. "Go ahead. Make my day."


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