Friday, November 19, 2010

Clinton, Gore, And Kerry
Lost The White Vote Too

by Larry Elder - November 18, 2010 - Washington Examiner

"White America does not like having a black president."

Thus pronounced Michael Moore in an appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher." And Maher agreed, "That is the truth."

"The statistics don't lie," Moore plowed ahead. "I'm not talking about polls. I'm talking about that the young people in '08 was the only -- do you know this? -- it's the only demographic -- white demographic -- that Obama won, 18- to 29-year-olds. Every other demographic, over 29, Obama lost the white vote. Every single one."

Crime solved. Case closed. Book 'em, Danno. Except for one minor detail: No Democratic presidential candidate has won the "white vote" since 1964.

Barack Obama won a larger percentage of the white vote than Kerry, by over 5%. Barack Obama had a 70% approval rating after he was elected. Were all these racists suddenly color blind? Stupid? A local black leader argued to me that I had to concede that Barack Obama had been insulted more egregiously than any other President in history. His evidence? A bunch of unelected bloggers with no power had said things that were not nice. Awwww. That these things were rejected by everyone with authority in both the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement was not enough. We had to make these nuts stop saying them or it was still our fault.

The outrageous insults against Reagan, Bush I and Bush II proclaimed by senior elected Democrat leaders (not unknown bloggers and isolated nuts) DID NOT MATTER. These were okay. After all it was only Republicans that were being insulted. The raging hypocrisy of his position was not discernible to this bigot.

This article by Larry Elder points out the hypocrisy of this local leader - as well as Michael Moore with his rant on Bill Maher's show. I cannot find a single Democrat District in America with only 3.8% black voters who have ever elected a black Representative. Colonel Allen West won overwhelmingly in such a district. J.C. Watts was elected in a state with only 8.1% black population. Tim Scott won in a District with 21% black, running with the supposedly "racist" Tea Party backing while defeating the Republican leadership candidate. Blacks win in Democrat districts only when the black population is the majority, at least within the Democrat Party if not the general population. It appears based on compelling facts that the most racist party in America is still the Democrat Party.

What do you make of the defeat of Michael Steele when he ran for the Maryland Senate seat. He won 50% of the white vote. He lost because he only got 25% of the black vote. Do you honestly think that means that the black community is not dominated by honkey hating racists?


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