Saturday, September 03, 2011

Liberals' View
Of Darwin
Unable To Evolve

by Ann Coulter - August 31st, 2011 -

Amid the hoots at Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry for saying there were "gaps" in the theory of evolution, the strongest evidence for Darwinism presented by these soi-disant rationalists was a 9-year-old boy quoted in The New York Times.

After his mother had pushed him in front of Perry on the campaign trail and made him ask if Perry believed in evolution, the trained seal beamed at his Wicked Witch of the West mother, saying, "Evolution, I think, is correct!"

That's the most extended discussion of Darwin's theory to appear in the mainstream media in a quarter-century. More people know the precepts of kabala than know the basic elements of Darwinism.

There should be a thank you to Ann for this concise and clear explanation of the limits of evolution and the inaccuracies of Darwinism. Unfortunately, like the 9 year old in the article most people think the two mean the same thing. Actually, evolution is provable. Look at a Chiwawa and a Great Dane. Recognize they are both descended from wolves and it becomes clear. Evolution can make significant changes in an animal.

What there is no evidence of, as Ann points out, is one species becoming another species. Evolution has limits. Those limits have been proven. Darwinists will not accept that. As such, Darwinism has become a religion that takes on faith the hypothesis that evolution can explain the creation of a completely new species. Such transition has never been found. Yet the record is so overwhelming that if such evidence existed it should have been discovered by now.

Like the refusal to accept any evidence which proves global warming is not caused by man, the left wing chicken little extremists reject any evidence that refutes their desired hypothesis on evolution.


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