Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hillary's First Day Goal
- Increase Abortions

On Christmas Eve the Presidential candidate that put up a "Christmas Card" Ad mocking the purpose of Christmas, touted her first day goals in the office she plans to win. Increasing abortions by making sure that abortion advocates get government funding was one of those shocking goals.

The socialist list of government entitlement programs listed in her "Christmas Card" to the American people should have been frightening enough. Her repeated claim that she plans to increase taxes is another example that this lady has never been a "moderate", the label she campaigns under. All signs indicate she remains the extreme socialist she herself claimed she was in her college days.

Her second shocking first day goal? Passing legislation funding embryonic stem-cell research. Every single successful medical treatment developed so far using stem-cells has been based on adult stem-cells, NOT embryonic stem-cells. In addition, a major scientific breakthrough was recently announced that eliminates the need for embryonic stem-cells, as the same stem-cells can now be created using human skin (click
here for the article covering that breakthrough). However Hillary does not care if there is no value in killing embryos to get stem-cells. Her goal, it is clear, is to insult Christians concerned about when life begins.

The claims above are covered in a pro-Hillary article in the Concord Monitor (Concord, New Hampshire) for which she was interviewed. She spends a significant portion of the interview, "Agenda will be clear from day one", defending her plans to promote same sex marriage. You can read the rest of the article by clicking on the title above or

by Sarah Liebowitz - December 24th, 2007 - Concord Monitor

For Hillary Clinton, it's none too soon to begin contemplating her potential first days in the Oval Office. "I don't think it's presumptuous; I think that it is sensible to say I intend to be elected president, I'm going to run a winning campaign against the Republicans, and here are some of the things I'm going to do on day one, day two, day three," Clinton said in an interview with Monitor editors and reporters Friday.

Hillary thinks she is going to win. She also thinks that government is all about redistribution of wealth. Though socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried, this egotistical candidate makes it clear she thinks it is because she didn't control it. Though she failed her bar exams on the first try, she still proclaims she is the smartest person in the world, always by having supporters make the claim for her. No failure is ever her responsibility. Her role in her husbands administration was to find others to blame. The experience she proudly touts was primarily handling the PR fallout from his "bimbo" eruptions. If she wins . . her Presidency will be the biggest disaster in our history.


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