Tuesday, January 15, 2008

State Has Made A Religion Out Of Recycling

by Max Borders - January 13th, 2008 - Civitas Institute

Cue music. Julia stared blankly from her jail cell. She thought about the bottle that landed her there… not what was in the bottle, the bottle itself. Julia didn’t get a DUI. She failed to recycle. Now she’s paying in hard time. Thanks to a new statewide law, these are the kinds of stories we may be hearing soon. Any ABC license-holder (e.g. a restaurant or bar owner) who fails to implement a glass and aluminum recycling program will be charged with a class-one misdemeanor alongside those accused of assaulting a handicapped person or burning a cross on someone’s property.

. . . or even larceny, which the famous crime of stealing a horse currently falls under here in North Carolina. In old days crimes such as stealing a horse would get you hung. How long do you think it will be before the liberal-progressive extremists who have decided to criminalize the failure to recycle an aluminum can will decide it is time to return to hanging people guilty of acts such as stealing a horse . . . or failing to recycle? Both are misdemeanors today. Who knows what these extremists will decide tomorrow.

Max has written an excellent article about the growing extremism of Democrat laws in our socialist state of North Carolina.


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