Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Great Neo-Con

Now that you have a guy who could actually win, you don’t want him.

by David Kahane - February 8th, 2008 - National Review Online

You conservatives make me laugh.

Here you have a war hero taking control of your party — a real one, not like our guy last time, what was his name, you know, “Mr. Sixteen Weeks” — and you’re acting like he’s some weird combination of William Howard Taft and Leon Trotsky. Sure, he’s a little nutty after all those years getting his bones re-broken every six months at the Hanoi Hilton, and his hand more or less grazed the cookie jar during the Keating Five scandal, but compared to Mrs. Kazakhstan and the guy who has Tony Rezko for a slumlord, he’s as clean as a freshly wiped baby’s bottom.


As for Herself, well… if your side can’t beat a little woman who’s been fighting for change at the highest levels of state and national government for 35 years and hasn’t accomplished a damn thing; who’s a thinly disguised end-run around the 22nd Amendment on behalf of her husband, and who’s a willing helpmate in what’s basically an international criminal enterprise based in the old gangland town of Hot Springs, Ark., then you’re too stupid to elect a president.

I don't know if the writer is really liberal or not, but this is funny!


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