Thursday, November 13, 2008

Defending American Liberty

It’s still about Communism

by William R. Mann - November 12th, 2008 - Canada Free Press

Barry Goldwater’s “extremist rhetoric” [a favorite Left Wing smear] words were certainly no more extreme than most of the writings of Paine, Jefferson, Hamilton or Madison before and during our Revolution. Take your time and read but a few randomly selected quotes from each of these ardent patriots and judge for yourself:

Read the article to get a truly awesome list of the quotes on human freedom of our founding fathers. They have the same power to inspire today that they had at the time our nation came into existience.

That is one thing that I wish I could communicate to more people in the Republican Party. We are not about "limited government". That is just one policy of a program whose purpose is much grander. It is about HUMAN FREEDOM. That is what made America great and what we must stand for. The problem we currently face is too many people have become so detail oriented and worried about the tactics, the grand goal has been lost.

We do not stand for limited government as a goal, but as a part of a commitment to human freedom on which the greatness of America has always been based.


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