Thursday, November 13, 2008

Europe Is Obama's First 'Global Test'

by Soeren Kern - November 13th, 2008 - American Thinker

The main obstacle to European superpower ambitions is, of course, the United States, in whose likeness the present global system is made. Indeed, the unprecedented interest in the outcome of the US presidential elections in every corner of the globe has underscored once again that, even considering the current financial crisis, America's economic, political, military and cultural influence still remains second-to-none.

This is where Europe's six-page letter to Obama comes into play. All the high-minded post-modern verbiage about global solutions to global problems included in that document is the eurospeak way of saying that Europeans want a final say in how American power is exercised. It is what Europeans mean when they use the words "multilateralism" and "globalism."

Will Obama play ball the European way and agree to turn the levers of American power over to others? Or will he, like Bush before him, recognize the European demand for equal status with America for what it really is? Will Obama stroke European egos with the superpower recognition they crave so much? Or will Obama call their bluff and ask Europeans to pull their weight in Afghanistan and elsewhere?

The Magic Marxist Messiah is a manipulator, but he is very interested in global power, not American. That makes his response to this move a difficult one to predict. The final answer has much to do with internal power plays within the global socialist movement, and little to do with what is in the interest of the United States of America. That is exactly why the election of the racist bigot is so frightening. Only those with inside knowledge of the socialist movement really have a clue what he is likely to do ... and that leaves us in serious jeopardy.


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