Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama Will Overreach
And We Will Bounce Back

by David Keene - November 11th, 2008 - Human Events

[Obama's] problem and ours is that no one really knows how he will govern. He has virtually no executive experience and we don’t really know if the man who will take office in January as our 44th President will be the young radical follower of Saul Alinsky, the cautious Illinois state senator who avoided controversy by voting “present” 130 times to avoid taking positions on various issues, the most liberal member of the United States Senate or the conciliatory centrist who ran against John McCain.

Exit polls reveal that many voters thought they were voting not for a liberal, but a tax-cutting opponent of national health care who wants to reach out to all Americans to deal with the problems we currently confront. His campaign ads in targeted states portrayed him in this way in part because he and his managers recognized that while voters were upset with the performance of the Republicans in whom they had placed their trust, they weren’t prepared to reject the values that led them to elect those Republicans in the first place.

This is truly bizarre. The expectation that Obama will not seriously change the future of America since he has been handed total control of Government cannot be described as anything else.

A radical and socialist legislature which has stopped most of Bush's attempts to reduce the liberalization of the courts done under Clinton, will forever give control of government to the liberal extreme.

The culture war by Bill Ayers type radicals in our schools, backed by radical new union and education legislation, forever ends the chance of our public education system recovering its ability to teach anything but "tolerance" and "diversity". This condemns the next generation to the same brainwashing that has led the current young of our nation into embracing the socialist gibberish of Barack Obama and his backers.

Give them the courts and the schools (which they already have), and socialists will never lose control again. The polls are right when they say many Obama supporters were deluded in what they thought he represented. However that delusion will not end. The press will never stop lying about the man who is leading the parade into Marxist Utopia. This is a truly sad day for human freedom.


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