Thursday, November 13, 2008

Washington's $5 Trillion Tab

by Elizabeth Moyer - November 12th, 2008 - Forbes

For all the fury over Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's $700 billion emergency economic relief fund, it seems downright puny when compared to the running total of the government's response to the credit crisis.

According to CreditSights, a research firm in New York and London, the U.S. government has put itself on the hook for some $5 trillion, so far, in an attempt to arrest a collapse of the financial system.


As noted on this site, the final tab for the October 1st bailout that George W. Bush and John McCain foisted on the American public was nearly TWO TRILLION DOLLARS alone. I have kept up an insistence that Republicans need to stop using the $700 billion number but with no success. The MSM has made that number the presumed number by its use in headline after headline and gullible Republican idiots have accepted the number.

This article talks about the following reality. We are rushing in to socialism with a speed that will stun the world. This rush is being led by the first socialist President, George W. Bush. By the time carbon trading and environmental led abandonment of rational energy is implemented by the Magic Marxist Messiah, America will lose its lead as the richest nation per capita on earth.

The coming future is a disaster of human insanity.


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