Sunday, June 21, 2009

Israel Betrayed

President Obama Is Treating Our Friend Like A Fiend, And Turning Public Opinion Against An Ally

by James Kirchick - June 20th, 2009 - New York Post

Unfortunately, the President seems to be paying no domestic political price for turning on Israel. Given the historic support that the American public has shown for the Jewish State, this is in and of itself a disturbing sign. But when an American administration's rhetoric and diplomacy render Israel the obstinate actor and portray its supposed recalcitrance as the main obstacle to peace, public opinion will follow.
The percentage of American voters who call themselves supporters of Israel has plummeted from 69% last September to 49% this month, according to the Israel Project. Meanwhile, only 6% of Jewish Israelis consider Obama to be "pro-Israel," a Jerusalem Post poll found, pointing to a disturbing gulf between the two nations. There are even signs of rising anti-Semitism, as a survey by Columbia and Stanford professors found that 32% of Democrats blamed Jews for the financial crisis.

Obama is turning America against Israel...

It is disgusting that so many Democrats keep claiming that Obama is the great unifier. Far from being a unifier, Barack Obama is the most divisive and evil man who has ever been President of our nation.


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