Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Dear, How Inconvenient
For The White House

by Melanie Phillips - June 16th, 2009 - American Spectator

Far from showing the brilliance of Obama’s foreign policy approach, what has happened has dealt a stunning blow to his strategy of reaching out to the wrong people. Having assumed wrongly that Hezbollah would win in Lebanon, his administration let it be known that it would deal with Hezbollah in government. The response of the Lebanese people to this pre-emptive cringe from the White House was to show that, while Obama was prepared to kow-tow to terror, they were not. Instead of supporting both the Lebanese and the Iranians against tyranny, he abandoned them. Having shown weakness to Tehran, he merely emboldened the regime. The result was the rigged election.

What is weakening the regime is not Obama’s appeasement. It is resistance. It is the fact that the people did not take their stolen election lying down but turned out in their hundreds of thousands to demand justice – and are prepared to die for it – that has rocked the regime. With a reported twenty people dead yesterday and hundreds more injured at the hands of the regime’s thugs, the people have now been galvanised still further. Staring at what might well be a true counter-revolutionary moment, the regime is wobbling, and has now announced there will be a recount of the vote.

And still Obama is getting it wrong. Not surprising -- having made nice with the tyrants and thus undermined the democrats he has been badly caught out and clearly doesn’t know what to do. With whom does he now side? His reaction -- as promulgated by his fawning acolyte Miliband -- is to be even-handed and support neither. How appalling. The President of America should have immediately condemned in the strongest possible terms this brutal onslaught against people trying to claim their democratic rights, and supported them against injustice and oppression.

There are plenty of people in America and the world that have figured out the duplicity and deceit of this man I call the Magic Marxist Messiah. That is not a title of respect, but a sarcastic label of contempt. I actually think that Melanie may be slightly wrong in her belief that Obama had nothing to do with triggering both the Lebanese rejection of the Islamo-fascists, Hezbollah, and the huge crowds in the streets of Iran. It is the recognition that Obama is an enemy and his rule in America has left them alone. They must stand up for themselves because Obama cannot be trusted to stand on the side of right and the cause of global democracy.

But in all this ferment, Obama stands exposed. Everywhere his strategy of abasement to tyranny is going belly-up. Korea test-fired its nukes and gave Washington the finger. And of course the flip-side of the grovelling to America’s enemies is his arm-lock on its ally. Having been so conspicuously even-handed in Iran between tyranny and resistance, there is one area where Obama is not being even-handed. It is only towards Israel, the prospective victim of Iranian genocidal and potentially nuclear aggression, that Obama is playing the heavy and making demands that he is making of no other country.

And now Israel is also fighting back. Netanyahu’s adroit challenge to the Palestinians to accept Israel’s existence as a Jewish state immediately laid bare Palestinian rejectionism -- and has now put Obama in the position of forcing Israel to bring into being a state which rests on the belief that Israel should be destroyed.

Another writer who exposes the deceitful program of real politics being practiced by Obama is Robert Kagan and his great article Obama, Siding With the Regime.

No one expected the Israelis to stand up to Obama. They did. No one expected the Lebanese to stand up to Hezbollah. They did. No one expected the Iranian people to go to the streets and risk death for freedom. They did. Is there any leader in America who can surprise those of us who still care about freedom and actualy stand up for freedom here? Is there a leader who can practice the same display of courage we see around us in the world?


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