Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama Creates A Deadly Power Vacuum

by Spengler (aka David P Goldman) - June 30th, 2009 - Asia Times

Obama doesn't want to betray the United States; he only wants to empower America's enemies. Forcing Israel to abandon its strategic buffer (the so-called settlements) was supposed to placate Iran, so that Iran would help America stabilize Iraq, where its influence looms large over the Shi'ite majority.

America also sought Iran's help in suppressing the Taliban in Afghanistan. In Obama's imagination, a Sunni Arab coalition - empowered by Washington's turn against Israel - would encircle Iran and dissuade it from acquiring nuclear weapons, while an entirely separate Shi'ite coalition with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would suppress the radical Sunni Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This was the worst-designed scheme concocted by a Western strategist since Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery attacked the bridges at Arnhem in 1944, and it has blown up in Obama's face.

The problem is the intellectual elite arrogance of Obama and his college professor clique of advisers. Not one of them has ever been held accountable for the delusions of their complex strategies. They are convinced that failure to adopt their fantasies by conservatives and neo-conservatives in earlier administrations was an evil plot advanced by money grubbing capitalists. They are not willing to concede an inch on the idea that their plans are simply naive, bordering on deceit so obvious that our enemies would see them as unacceptable.

The consequences of weakening of our nation and betraying our allies is going to be catastrophic for our children.


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