Monday, June 29, 2009

They say Obama is starting to stumble.

The hell he is.

Michael Crowley - June 29th, 2009 - The New Republic

It's true that if the economy fails to recover within the next year, no amount of hope and change can save Obama's presidency. But those 2010 elections, the first real referendum on his performance, are still 16 months away. That leaves plenty of time for the economy to pick up steam. Moreover, polls show that most Americans still blame the economic doldrums on Bush. And while stimulus dollars have been frustratingly slow to be distributed, that will soon change, with the stimulative effect likely to kick in well before the midterms, dashing the hopes of many a Republican candidate.

If a temporary period of growth does happen in 2010, you can be sure that our MSM will glowingly report it no matter how trivial. FDR got the same kind of glowing credit for any minor uptick during the depression he exacerbated. Obama will benefit from that same liberal press adulation. Already the pounding that Republicans took for an uptick exceeding 5% unemployment is forgotten. Obama's 10% unemployment is explained as problems he inherited from Bush. The reality is that unemployment would have already dropped if the Democrats had not sucked all the money out of our system by their profligate borrowing and spending. However you couild not tell there are problems with Obama's plans if all you read were subservient articles like this one.

Whether it is Zimbabwe or America, government programs like Obama's are a disaster. Any upticks are temporary and minor and then the inflation and stagnation from wasteful spending overwhelm the "stimulus" affect. Unemployment will start back up. The economy will return to its downward plunge.

What annoys me is that Obama is still setting the agenda with his constant bombardment of change. Away from the current focus on health care and the economy he is rigging the greatest scam in our history as he turns over our census to left wing groups known for their criminal and biased activities. After the coming fraudulent census is conducted... and reapportionment is conducted based on its lies... Democrats will control America by fraud.

That is what Crowley and the Democrats are really counting on to make sure that Obama stays in power forever.


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