Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After Global Warming

by Larrey Anderson - June 24th, 2009 - The American Thinker

Science and ideology don't mix. They never have and they never will. The house of cards that is the science behind "climate change" is collapsing at exactly the same time it is being imposed by the Obama administration and Congress as an ideological "truth." America is facing the perfect storm of an imploding scientific theory that will be enforced by the rule of law.

Make no mistake: the big bad wolf of
truth is about to blow the straw house of global warming to bits. This is why there was a sudden shift, in the last nine months, from the use of "man made global warming" to "climate change" by the proponents of the theory.

How can anyone fail to recognize the fact that global warming proponents are lying? More polite terms are simply not honest assessments of what is happening. This is not a situation where people are sincerely wrong. Their actions have made it clear, it is a duplicitous and intentional strategy to deceive people for the purpose of attaining political power.

The raw elements of national power are cheap energy, cheap transportation, cheap communications and freedom to unleash national creativity (which means low taxes and minimal regulations). The raw Marxist ideology of Barack Obama is succeeding in destroying two of the four legs of national economic wealth. No nation, so handicapped, can remain competitive. Obama is about to drive our economy into a catastrophe. How can 65% of Americans still support him? Three generations of brain washing in our schools claiming socialism is the answer leave our people unable to see the truth.

Green energy really means expensive energy. Yet 65% of our nation's people are too brainwashed to see that. It is no surprise we are losing the debate. We lost the debate three generations ago when the socialists took over our education unions and started the program of brainwashing our children.


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