Sunday, June 21, 2009

Swatting The 'Killer Fly'

Unemployment is like swatting a fly

Jimmy Carter had his "killer rabbit". Barack Obama has his "killer fly". There is absolutely no more appropriate metaphor to describe the current Presidency. He sees all problems as easily handled. Anything is within his power. With no accomplishments to his name Obama has talked his way to the most powerful position in the world. Yet his accomplishments to date are to swat at our problems even as he swats a fly.

It is telling that Obama thinks that he has done a good job as President. Even though they are already writing articles about the growing anti-Semitism Obama has delivered to our nation, Obama is not concerned. Support for Israel has dropped from 69% to 49% in the last month as Obama politely condemns them with his articulate insults. In a poll by Columbia and Stanford professors 32% of Democrats believe "the Jews" are causing our current financial crisis. Did Obama mean this to happen? If not, can he really say he is doing a good job? Question him and he flicks you away like he flicks a fly.

Obama (and his press secretary) just smiles and taunts you with "I won" as his answer. He thinks he is right because he won an election. That is the attitude of his entire administration. Can anyone believe there is any President who, six months into his administration, could honestly believe winning an election was equivalent to being right on every issue? Get away little fly.

Obama is constantly praised by his supporters for his calm in the face of crisis. That calm can come from two sources. Having analyzed a situation and developed a solution that others have not yet understood. Or being so far over your head that you don't realize the consequences of being wrong.

The problems of our economy are not unique. We have faced these same economic challenges in the past, as have many other nations. The American solution has always been based on free enterprise. When other solutions were tried, such as the socialism of FDR and the welfare state of Lyndon Johnson, the consequences were stagnation, unemployment and inflation just like other nations experienced when they tried the same solutions.

The answers that Obama keeps coming up with are always the knee jerk solutions of the most liberal thinkers of the Democrat Party. Keynesian economics recommends a stimulus. Obama thus recommends a stimulus. Nothing original there. But Obama is not satisfied with a stimulus we can afford. He sees himself as so larger than life that the stimulus must be huge, four times the largest deficit in the history of government. How else do we treat the problem as if it is a fly. Go away little fly. The great Obama will flick away recession with as little effort as he swats a fly.

Except it is not going away. Unemployment keeps rising. This week, here in North Carolina it reached an all time record of over 11% as measured by modern government rules. This is already significantly higher than Obama predicted. Real unemployment the way it was measured back during the depression is over 15%. But don't worry. Obama will swat it away. You just have to wait. Don't you dare notice that his predictions are wrong. Obama is the master of swatting flies. Didn't you hear? He won.


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