Saturday, June 27, 2009

'Jena 6' Beating Case
Wraps Up With Plea Deal

by Mary Foster - June 26th, 2009 - Associated Press

As part of the deal, one of the attorneys read a statement from the five defendants in which they said they knew of nothing Barker had done to provoke the attack.

"To be clear, not one of us heard Justin use any slur or say anything that justified Mychal Bell attacking Justin nor did any of us see Justin do anything that would cause Mychal to react," the statement said.

The statement also expressed sympathy for Barker and his family, and acknowledged the past 2 1/2 years had "caused Justin and his parents tremendous pain and suffering, much of which has gone unrecognized."


"Everybody pointed a finger at Jena during this, but this happens to African-American males across the country," Utter said. "These young men were lucky that people cared and donated money so they could afford good attorneys. That made the difference."

Note the emphasis on the poor black males who were charged with beating a honkey just because he was white. Why these poor blacks were actually CHARGED with a crime, rather than being praised for retaliating against the most convenient white person for their feelings of inferiority. The outrage. How dare whites decide it is time for the overwhelming racism of the black community to end.

Of course it didn't and it won't. Blacks denouced Justin and his family. They denounced the white race. Riots and marches have made it clear, blacks are never to be held accountable. They scream about how their ancestors were slaves and it excuses anything they want to do.

So the judge decided on a $500 fine. I am amazed it was that high. In fact I am amazed that Justin did not have to pay the blacks for his audacity in not dying.


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