Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama Sides With Marxists
Over Honduras

by Cliff Kincaid - June 29, 2009 - Canada Free Press

Claims of a “military coup” have appeared in the press because that is the way far-left officials of the Obama Administration have described it. The Administration has been just as quick to undermine freedom and democracy in Honduras as it was late in supporting the pro-freedom and pro-democracy demonstrators in Iran.

On June 28, a “Teleconference Background Briefing” was held with the major media by “two senior officials” who were guiding coverage of the events in Honduras but whose identities were protected from disclosure by the lapdog press.

The transcript shows a New York Times reporter asking, “Is the U.S. Government calling this and considering this a coup d’état? Can you talk about the use of language? Some other governments have called it that.”

The answer was, “...I would certainly characterize a situation where a president is forcibly detained by the armed forces and expelled from a country an attempt at a coup. We-I mean, we still see him as the constitutional president of Honduras. So it was an attempt at a coup. We don’t think it was successful.”

The official is saying it wasn’t successful because the Obama White House wants to work with the Marxist governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua (backed by Iran) to bring Zelaya back to power.

Who is surprised that the "Magic Marxist Messiah" has aligned America with the Marxist governments of our major enemies to call for the re-instatement of someone who was unanimously opposed by his nation's Supreme Court, opposed by the democratically elected congress, whose removal was implemented by the military at the courts request and whose replacement is from Zelaya's own political party. How much opposition is needed before it is recognized that the coup was being under taken by Manuel Zelaya and constitutional elements in his nation legally blocked it.

I am quite certain that when Obama starts his coup to rig elections with his ACORN thugs here he will rail against any elements in America that oppose him exactly as Zelaya rails against the elements in Honduras that oppose him.

Anyone who tries to claim that Obama is not a Marxist has a new hill to climb. They now must explain why Obama's America has aligned itself with the 3 Marxist dictators from our hemisphere, backed by Ahmadinjead from Iran. Interesting political alignment for our nation.


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