Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Deck Stacked With Race Cards

by Jonah Goldberg - August 21st, 2009 -

What if America transcended race, and Barack Obama wasn't invited?

The question comes to mind as cries of racism grow ever louder from Obama's supporters.

No one should be surprised. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, liberal Democrats have to accuse their opponents of racism.

It is not inappropriate to discuss the issue of racism considering the number of Democrats that are hurling the "racist" taunt at anyone who disagrees with Obama about anything. This is an excellent article and does a very good job of analysing the flaws in these racist taunts.

I must admit I am just a little uneasy over the source. Jonah Goldberg has already written a recent article back stabbing Sarah Palin and contributing to the time wasting food fight in the Republican Party - not over the direction of our nation but over personality issues in Palin that annoy them. There is a huge element in the Republican Party that is just as filled with "Palin Derangment Syndrome" as there is in the liberal wing of the Democrat Party. Goldberg has taken sides and is doing his best to roil those waters. This fight over racism is going to roil the waters of America no matter how much it is needed, but once again Goldberg is stirring the fight.

However that issue is another fight as well. On the issue of racism Goldberg is pretty accurate and pretty funny too. Good article. And some bloggers have provided some pretty funny jokes in response.

I love the one from "trapper":
"Excuse me, but would you please pass the salt?"

"What?! What?! After 375 years of slavery the WHITE man still gonna ask the BLACK man will he pass the salt?"

Another one was the comment by "Eheu Fugaces"
"Your race card has exceeded its limit and has been suspended.

Please do not use again until you have paid it off."

The black racists who constantly use the race card are going to discover that when people start to laugh about their use of the race card it will have very little value.


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