Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Greedy Sawbones

Editorial - August 17th, 2009 - Investor's Business Daily

The president claims doctors would rather cut off a diabetic's foot than treat the patient, since they get higher fees for amputations. Such a grossly irresponsible statement should not go unchallenged.


Implying that doctors are so greedy that they casually amputate body parts for big bucks is a piece of the Democrats' plan to demonize any group they feel stands in the way of their campaign to seize control of the nation's health care sector.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called medical insurers "villains." Rep. John Dingell said town hall protesters reminded him of the Ku Klux Klan. Obama himself has vilified insurers and in effect ordered opponents of his health care overhaul to shut up and "get out of the way."

Did you forget he said that? Intimidation, reprisals and threats are the not traditionally tolerated by any President. Especially one with the left wing extremist credentials of this President. The Obama regime rightly frightens most Americans. That is why people are so angry in the town hall meetings. They have never before been insulted and reviled by any regime like this one is doing.

Does anyone honestly believe American doctors cut off people's feet for higher fees? If even partially true you would see people walking around without feet on a regular basis. Do you?

This man, Barack Obama, is both evil and a pathological liar.


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