Saturday, June 26, 2010

Black Racism Is Rampant

This author calls it "Ghetto Racism"

by Ying Ma - June 25th, 2010 - FrontPage

Racist attitudes and racially motivated crimes in the inner city [by blacks against other races] have existed for a long time, long before surveillance cameras captured them for distribution on the Internet. Now the images shock the consciences of all those who live in safer neighborhoods and prefer not to face the horrors that one human being could inflict one another. Everyone agrees, something must be done, but what?

It is crucial, as everyone now urges, that the criminals be brought to justice. It is just as important, as both law enforcement and civilians insist, to impose law and order on lawless streets.

Ultimately, however, safer streets and more secure neighborhoods depend in no small part on the willingness of residents to demand personal responsibility from everyone and condemn racist behavior across the board.

Yet current attitudes do not allow that.

What we should find contemptible is the self righteous attitude that "the poor blacks" just cannot be racist. In reality, the constant vitriolic denunciation of "honkeys" or "white boys" is not an attitude of anything but racism. The black community today is more arrogant in their assumed racial superiority than plagued by any feelings of inferiority. Obama is President. Therefore they should be on top - in their minds. They are better. Obama is proof they are better. Because they are not better off though, they see this proof they have been cheated. Nothing you do or say will change that attitude.

Then they walk out their front door and see this tiny minority of Asians working hard and getting ahead, scoring better than whites on tests - and much better than blacks, saving their money and living well. Their reaction is one of envy and hate. Their reaction is to beat Asians to death for their insult to the blacks who should be on top.

Blacks are equally vicious towards Jews, calling them "kike" or "hymie". They too are being beaten to death in statistically unbelievable numbers. In general there is a greater use of derogatory terms towards others by the black community than any other part of American society. To blacks, race is a constant issue. And they use violence to make the point.

Far from bringing the races together, the election of Obama has seriously aggravated the race issue in the black community. Criticism of Obama is seen as unjust criticism of the black race. He is President. He is therefore perfect. Criticism is unjust and unacceptable. Criticism of blacks is unjust and unacceptable by inference.

They have been taught to say (and believe) that blacks cannot be racist. Any hate they feel is justified. It is thus not racism. Just ask them.

This is not going to end well.


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