Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GOP State Representative
Tim Scott Defeats Thurmond

by Robert Behre - June 23rd, 2010 - The Charleston Post and Courier

State Rep. Tim Scott took a step toward history Tuesday night, handily locking up the Republican nomination for the 1st Congressional District.

His 3-1 win over his former Charleston County Council colleague Paul Thurmond makes him likely to become the first black Republican to serve in Congress since J.C. Watts of Oklahoma retired six years ago.

With all five counties reporting, Scott had won about 68 percent of the vote to Thurmond's 32 percent. In Horry and Georgetown counties, where Thurmond had garnered a lot of support from local candidates, Scott still won by a smaller margin with about 56 percent of the vote in both counties.

Strom Thurmond's son loses his bid to represent his father's state because he became, like many Republican insiders, a traitor to the cause of freedom. He was perfectly willing to espouse socialist and pork barrell positions at a time when the Republican Party base, goaded by the TEA party movement, has returned to fiscal sanity.

Tim Scott did not win because he is black. Tim Scott won because he was more sincerely committed to our future as a free nation than Paul Thurmond. Therefore the overwhelmingly white electorate voted for Scott over Thurmond. This race was ignored by the national press because it did not bode well for proving that Republicans are racists. Had Thurmond won, that would have been the theme of all the articles. With Scott's victory, the national MSM is simply dumbfounded. Just as they are about all other aspects of the TEA Party movement.

Congratulations Tim Scott. A well earned victory for the TEA Party movement.


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