Sunday, August 08, 2010

Inner Banks Reality - 22.5% Unemployment

According to Department of Labor statistics (on which the unemployment from the 1930s depression was given as 25%) true unemployment in America as of July of 2010 is 22.5%.

The current unemployment rate you hear touted so much is a government created fiction which ignores those who 'have given up seeking work' according to bureacrats. That is such a lie. Just because you have exhausted unemployment insurance and stopped going to the useless government job assistance centers to register for work they cannot provide, does not mean that you 'have given up seeking work'.

You are still unemployed, and often have merely taken to working off the books at anything that will pay the bills. However statistics exist that let us know these people are still real Americans who are unemployed, whether the 'ruling class' calls it that or not.

That is why the Department of Labor statistics are so valuable. It does not matter how much Obama lies. Unemployment keeps going up. It is NOT 9.5%. It is 22.5%. For young people under 25, it is nearly 50%. That is reality.


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