Friday, November 26, 2010

Holding Sarah Palin To Her Promise

by Robert Eugene Simmons, Jr. - November 26th, 2010 - The American Thinker

Mrs. Palin also has a unique trait that comes with few politicians of our time. That is the ability to see that the law is done regardless of her personal beliefs. Personally, I am an agnostic and libertarian, and when I see that she vetoed a law that denied benefits to same-sex couples in Alaska -- not because of her religious beliefs, but because it was unconstitutional according to the Alaskan constitution -- I stand up and cheer. A governor putting her beliefs first would approve the law and take their chances with the court, but Palin chose the novel path of obeying her oath of office. A president is a servant of the people charged with enforcing the constitution and protecting the people from all enemies of the USA. It is not for the president or a governor to "interpret" or otherwise circumvent the law. When asked about the veto, Palin responded that if people wish to change the constitution, then there is a process for that.

The left ignores Palin's veto of this law. Ignores? No actually they even deny it is true, just as they make ignorant excuses for the effective way Governor Palin got the pipeline across Candada approved, the largest privately funded project EVER. When I asked a local Palin hater about her veto of this law denying same sex benefits, he adamantly refused to believe it was true. He would not look it up. He would not consider the possiblity I was transmitting information he had not heard. He simply cursed me and denied it was true.

It is why I have stopped arguing with these hate mongering idiots. When they denouce Palin, I simply block them.


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