Friday, November 19, 2010

MSM Hypocrisy

It is hard to believe that the meltdown (after his 8 to 1 conviction and censure by the ethics committee) of Charlie Rangel (former Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee) was not covered on the web sites of a single major MSM news outlet today. There was plenty of coverage of "Harry Potter" happenings, lies about the sale of GM stock for less than tax payers paid for it being an Obama "success", pictures of the Los Angeles Auto show and coverage of Barack Obama's latest world travels. Nothing about Rangle though.

You had to go to a conservative news site to find any mention of Charlie Rangle and his corrupt behavior. Compare his treatment with that of Tom Delay, who was accused of fewer and less serious charges than Rangel yet was driven from office. As has been typical of the MSM for 3 generations, nothing that embarrasses a Democrat will get coverage. After all "balanced news" to the MSM means smearing Republicans.


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