Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Starting

Obama’s DHS seizes 75 domain names [over 400 web servers], shuts down sites without notice or due process.

by Ben Hart - November 27th, 2010 - Escape Tyranny

The problems with these actions are:

1) Not all domain names seized and sites shut down are criminal enterprises. Some of the targets of the Department of Homeland Security appear to be innocent site owners...

2) Under our Constitution and system of government, the U.S. government is not entitled to deprive citizens of their property without due process of law. Domain names of U.S. citizens are being seized and sites shut down without warning, without a court hearing, without due process...

3) ... the Obama Administration is targeting criminals and unpopular sites as a trial run, to set a precedent that it has the authority to seize domain names and shut down any site it wants — i.e. blogs and conservative news sites Obama doesn’t like...

4) The Department of Homeland Security was set up to protect America from terrorist attacks, mostly launched from foreign countries. So why is DHS spearheading the domain seizures of sites owned and operated by U.S. citizens...

Why is a hip-hop music download site a DHS national security issue?

With the refusal by the DHS to stop WikiLeaks, it is clear that Obama has no problem with that particular violation of the law on treason. It is only a violation of law that Obama's progressive friends in the music industry oppose that warrants his attention. This is step one in their net neutrality campaign to bypass congress and shut down conservative sites. Where are the conservatives who value our freedoms? Why is no one outraged at the abuse of liberty?


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