Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years After 9/11

by Clarice Feldman - September 11th, 2011 - American Thinker

It's the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and an appropriate time for people to recall where they were on that day and how they reacted. I don't really need an annual reminder though... Like so much of that tragedy, the really important things -- the doomed WTC jumpers, the dancing in the Arab streets -- was underplayed or censored by the media.

Living in the District of Columbia, I remember the outrage, confusion and horror of that day and many days that followed... And on quiet nights I often imagine still hearing the tramping of thousands of commuters walking miles home from the center of the city when all other forms of transport were unavailable. They are so much a part of me, anniversary reminders are unnecessary.

Quickly the fear and outrage we felt was considered by the elite to be too dangerous to acknowledge or validate. They consider the rest of us moronic murderers it would seem. Instead of reminding us of the truth of that day, they fed us a steady stream of gelding, feminizing pap about religion of peace, multiculturalism, overwrought (never realized) fears and claims of anti-Moslem discrimination and harassment, and blame shifting to us the acts of genuinely murderous thugs.

Though this article notes the specific actions and words of Barack Obama in blaming our nation for the deeds of our enemies, Clarice is right to note that it was a large contingent of 'beltway elites' who have embraced this blame game. Though it is no longer of great value to mention it since he is gone from the public scene, I blame President George W. Bush and his evasive 'war on terror' as the beginning of this cover-up.

The linkage of this blame the victim game in Barack Obama's speech before congress on the economy with his words on 9/11 is typical Clarice brilliance. I share her fervent hope that we can rid ourselves of this America hating racist bigot. Only when we purge his Marxist ideas can we "restore... the prosperity we once enjoyed."


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