Friday, January 18, 2008

Bush Begging For Oil?
Thank Enviro Terrorists

by Michael Reagan - Januray 18th, 2008 -

Here we have the humiliating spectacle of a president of the United States begging an Arab potentate to increase our supply of oil while Democrats, who bear the major responsibility for the problem, scoff at him as a mendicant groveling at the feet of a foreign monarch.

As humiliating as it is for the United States to be put in a position where our economy is held hostage to foreign oil producers who can make or break our nation simply by limiting their petroleum production, thus causing the price of oil to skyrocket, it is even more shameful that we have allowed the so-called environmental movement to escape the blame for our predicament.

Make no mistake about it, you are paying exorbitant prices at the gas pump solely because the environmental terrorists and their Democrat allies in Congress have all but shut down our domestic oil production while refusing to allow the exploration and creation of new sources of this resource so vital to our economic health.

I agree. How many people in the democrat party hate Bush so much they are willing to humiliate America just to see Bush grovel Middle East Dictators?

It looks to me like everyone in the democrat party!

I am not fond of Bush, but I cannot understand how we can continue to sit here subservient to the oil powers of the middle east. We seem unwilling to do anything about it but chase a pipe dream of increasing the costs of energy by trying to subsidize high cost energy with tax subsidies. Hello people. Who do you think pays those taxes? Have we really become so stupid that we cannot add two and two and get four? We will pay for this higher cost energy out of our own pockets.

The cost of energy drives our economy. Other countries using cheap energy while we use expensive energy will destroy our economy. The enviro terrorists (as Reagan calls them - enviro-cultists is my favorite expression) do not care. They are socialists who hate America and they are perfectly willing to lie about global warming. They are perfectly willing to see America second rate and poor if they are in charge.

Mars warming at the same rate as earth proves man is not causing global warming.

The success of man during the Renaissance at temperatures much warmer than today proves that global warming is not bad until much higher temperatures than we will see anytime soon. It may never be bad.

If man is not causing global warming and the immediate future of global warming is good, why is America following a prescription to destroy our economy based on the two premises that: Man is causing global warming and higher temperatures are bad. This is idiocy.

Standardize fuel mixtures nation wide so we do not have spot shortages.

Drill for oil now.

Build more refineries.

Build more pipelines to move oil cheaply.

Build nuclear power plants using standardized previously successful plans and expedited approvals based on the known success to get them online fast.

We do not need to be paying the high costs of energy we are currently paying. The socialist enviro terrorists in the democrat party are ripping you off. Why are you tolerating this?


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