Sunday, August 23, 2009

Racial Equality Long Way Off

by Lauren Martin - August 21st, 2009 - Martha's Vineyard Gazette

Nodding to Professor Henry Louis (Skip) Gates Jr. at his Whaling Church panel discussion Achieving Equality in the Age of Obama last night, Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell shook her head and said: ”If you had told me this time last year, when we were all pretty emotionally up and excited, even though George W. Bush was still our President, that we would actually feel worse a year later, when Barack Obama was our President, about questions of race in America, I would have told you you were lying.”

This is an article of amazing enlightenment. In a church filled with blacks who are richer and better connected than 99% of the whites in our nation, speaker after speaker gets up and whines about how the white man won't give them any respect.

One of the Panel speaking was Skip Gates of recent arrest fame. Though it was clear to almost any white person (save a few liberals) his arrest was triggered by his own actions, neither Gates nor anyone in that church believed this to be true. This is not just an issue of blacks having a different interpretation of the facts. This is about not accepting any facts that conflict with their world view. Nothing that anyone in the world, especially a white person, could say would change their mind. Gates was profiled and arrested just to keep the black man down. Nothing that actually happened could change that opinion. They don't want to hear any facts. Even after the so-called "beer summit" Gates has been all over black radio explaining how he was profiled. In fact holding the "beer summit" is proof that President Obama has to kowtow to the white powers. Crowley is a racist. End of story.

One of the speakers whined about how the horrible schools that blacks attend are still the fault of white people. It does not matter that most inner city and rural schools systems that blacks attend have been run by black Mayors and black School Superintendents for 40 years. It does not matter that 40 years ago most blacks did better in schools than they do today. The deterioration is all the fault of whites. Washington DC spends more per student in the nearly all black system of our nation's capital than any other school system in our nation, white or black, public or private. Marion Berry and other black leaders have been in charge for as long as anyone can remember. Yet students in that system consistently fail. Smart blacks are doing everything they can to flee this horribly run and incompetently managed disaster. How is that the fault of whites? Sorry. It is the fault of whites. End of story.

In this article one black professor, in a deranged rambling incoherent explanation, says that Sarah Palin was nominated so that Obama could win in some convoluted explanation about "white Americans over performing" to elect the black guy. I am certain that both John McCain and Sarah Palin would be amazed to discover that they were all part of some white complicity to elect Barack Obama so that blacks could be kept in their place. What? I cannot believe I just read that. Yet it is explained that whites elected Obama so they did not have to make investments in the "system structure" that would allow blacks to "get power" to improve the "opportunity structure". Yep. That is why whites voted for Obama. To keep the black man down. End of story.

Ever wonder why race relations in America are getting worse, not better? Read this article and it will become a lot clearer.


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