Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Increasingly Self-Pitying
Obama White House

by Peter Wehner - August 9th, 2010 - Commentary Magazine

Team Obama sounds nothing so much as overmatched and overwhelmed, unable to understand what has gone wrong, and increasingly bitter toward the nation’s capital and the pace and nature of politics.

What we are seeing, I think, is a group of supremely arrogant people humbled by events. They are turning out to be a good deal more incompetent than they (and many Americans) ever imagined. They see impending political doom in the form of the midterm elections. Yet this is not leading them toward any apparent serious self-reflection; rather, they are engaging in an extraordinary degree of whining, finger-pointing, and self-indulgence.

Self Pity? What in the world does this man and his sycophants, who sought the most powerful position in the world, have to be pitied for? Why mostly, as noted above, that they are in over their heads. Oh the 'poor widdle people'. They are drowning because like most failures in the real world before they gained power, they did not have a clue what the job really entailed. Like most people who have never had truly responsible jobs, they thought that being boss was equivalent to being god. They could just order something and everyone jumped. Except America is not a dictatorship.

They don't understand free enterprise. They don't understand Constitutional limits. They can't balance a check book. They don't pay their taxes. They think breaking the law is cool. They are filled with hate for their opponents. They despise the nation they live in. They love the perks of the job not the duties. They abuse the power they were granted. They treat others like servants.

No more contemptible person has ever held the position of President and the people he selects are worse. People usually reflect the boss they work for. Obama whines. So his people whine. Obama is making Nixon look like a man of character.


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