Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Stunning Decline Of Barack Obama

10 key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown

by Nile Gardiner - August 12th, 2010 - London Telegraph

There are an array of reasons behind the stunning decline and political fall of President Obama, chief among them fears over the current state of the US economy, with widespread concern over high levels of unemployment, the unstable housing market, and above all the towering budget deficit. Americans are increasingly rejecting President Obama’s big government solutions to America’s economic woes, which many fear will lead to the United States sharing the same fate as Greece.

Growing disillusionment with the Obama administration’s handling of the economy as well as health care and immigration has gone hand in hand with mounting unhappiness with the President’s aloof and imperial style of leadership, and a growing perception that he is out of touch with ordinary Americans, especially at a time of significant economic pain. Barack Obama’s striking absence of natural leadership ability (and blatant lack of experience) has played a big part in undermining his credibility with the US public...

The list of 10 reasons in the article are extremely interesting and an important 'must read'. Barack Obama, as viewed from outside of America, is a stunning failure on issue after issue. Everyone should read this list, even if they do not agree with the premise, since it provides the backdrop against which Obama will have to function for the balance of his Presidency. The key point is that no one is giving him the benefit of the doubt any longer. He is no longer the 'Magic Marxist Messiah'.

The imperial style with which this inexperienced amateur tries to rule is not going to fly in America! Every indication is the 'first black President' rejects this response by his 'racist' opponents. Obama plans to increase his demands we obey him on issues that he has not yet gotten passed in his Democrat controlled legislature. His attempt to seize power over every aspect of our lives will be the key theme to the next two elections.


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