Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NYC Bans "911 Images"

Free Speech Lawsuit

by Pamela Geller - August 10, 2010 - The American Thinker

It seems that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg invokes certain freedoms only when they serve his 2012 agenda -- and freedom of speech is not high on his list. Doing away with term limits wasn't enough (which is why we are still suffering under his no-salt, no-transfat regime). He is now widening his ayatollah-like power grab to imposing blasphemy laws (Islamic sharia laws) on the secular marketplace. Bloomberg's frenzied Ground Zero mosque push may have inspired Al-Azhar clerics to oppose the Ground Zero Mosque, calling it a "a zionist plot."

This is so bizarre. A few Islamic clerics are now opposing the new mosque on the basis that tying Islam to 9/11 is a "Zionist plot." So it would appear that the Mosque which Muslims have been trying to build to tout their triumphal defeat of America on 9/11, using the traditional 'Cordoba' reference about their historic moment of glory, is a Jewish plot to embarrass Islam?

Don't you sometimes think that the bizarre twists in thinking of the Islamic leaders borders on idiocy?

Think Bloomberg will notice how he has associated himself with a religion of lying, apostate hating, irrational bigots. They hate gays. They hate America. They hate Jews. They hate equal rights for women. They hate Buddhists (forgotten about the destruction of the two great statues by that 'imperialist' religion have you?). They hate pork. They hate dogs. They hate bankers (probably didn't know about their ignorant rules on interest did you?). They even hate each other!

They demand that we kowtow to their shariah laws. They demand the right to lie to us and since we are apostates we must NEVER protest. They demand the right to behead us if we do not subjugate ourselves to their superior culture.

Of course all you have to do is ask Mayor Michael Bloomberg and he will tell you that you must accept his dogmatic insistence that Islam is a religion of peace or you can "shut up." Does the "shut up" command apply to the Islamic clerics who oppose the Mosque too? Sort of makes you wonder if Bloomberg has secretly become a Muslim, doesn't it? Only he has joined the religion at a time when the religion does not even agree with itself. At least Bloomberg has not threatened to behead anyone... yet.

He has simply banned anyone from running an ad that disagrees with him or the leaders of the new Mosque... but not the clerics that oppose the new Mosque. Confusing isn't it? Bloomberg doesn't think that pesky thing called free speech applies when it involves Muslims. Only Muslims get to say what they want and everyone else must "shut up."


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