Thursday, December 02, 2010

Goverment By Regulation
Instead Of Law

by Phyllis Schlafly - November 30th, 2010 - Investor's Business Daily

Republicans are assuming that cap-and-trade (aka cap-and-tax) is dead because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lacks the votes to bring up the House-passed bill and because this issue proved a loser in the 2010 House races. Like the famous Mark Twain saying, its death may be exaggerated.

The Senate's environmentalism expert, Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., warns us that the Obama administration is trying to implement cap-and-trade anyway by bureaucratic regulations. Directives issued by the Environmental Protection Agency are coming down the pike to increase energy costs and kill jobs.

Cap and trade (really cap-and-tax) through the EPA, net neutrality (really Internet-control) through Homeland Security; The Obama regime is extending executive branch control over our lives at a pace that is overwhelming. In the last two years while unemployment has plunged down, the federal bureaucracy has skyrocketed up. The number of bureaucrats has increased by 25%. The number of different agencies to which we are subject has increased by nearly two hundred. The number of regulations to which citizens are subject has increased by several thousand pages (each of which you are required to understand perfectly under the concept that ignorance of the law is no excuse).

Each and every one of these regulations, agencies and bureaucrats is taking away your liberty under the guise of protecting you from decisions you might make that the federal government disagrees with you having the freedom to choose.

Nothing in the recent elections has happened that will reduce this vast expansion of government. The growth may have been slowed. That is all. There is no realistic chance that any of it can be undone.

Watch your electricity and gas bills skyrocket over the next two years and accept, liberty in America is now dependent on the whims of a President who is a borderline dictator. Nothing has changed that. While these rates go up be aware that at the same time hundreds of thousands of new bureaucrats are just waiting for their chance to rule your life with the same indifference to the consequences for your freedom.


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