Friday, December 03, 2010

Oil Drilling Moratorium
Is An Act Of Treason

by Alan Caruba - December 2nd, 2010 - Canada Free Press

If you had any doubt that Barack Obama’s agenda is to destroy the United States of America, but still want more proof, I offer you the announcement that his administration will not provide any offshore oil leases in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, Pacific, or Atlantic coasts…for at least seven years!

In October, a study by the Maguire Energy Institute at Southern Methodist University concluded that the reduction of shallow water oil drilling permits that followed the BP oil spill would put as many as 40,000 jobs at risk and cost the region $4.3 billion in lost wages and revenues.

At the same time, a consortium of foreign oil companies led by the Spanish firm, Repsol, working with India’s state-run Oil & Natural Gas Company and Norway’s StatoilHydro are exploring for oil off the coast of Cuba where drilling in its waters will proceed even while American and other oil companies will be denied access to vast reserves off the coasts of all of the Gulf States.

Barack Obama continues to run our nation based on the views of those who hate our economic success. The indifference over the damage to our economy from acts promoting socialism and extreme-environmentalism drives many of his decisions that have his enemies on the right outraged. The right sees these decisions as malevolent and ignorant. Of course the standard response from the left is that those on the right are not sincere in their frustration. The view from the left is that those who are outraged at Obama's actions are simply racist rich fat cats who are stealing from our society. The left is adamant in their criticisms. How the left reconciles these views with the nearly 40% of our nation who see Obama as deluded is not clear. Do they really think that 40% of our nation are rich and racist? It would appear so.

To the right, these acts are treason. To the left, they are justifiable acts of retribution against the racist rich. Why is anyone surprised that the public conversation has devolved into hate speech?


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