Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Tale Of Two Obamas

Media’s war president depiction obscures reality of security leadership failures

by Frank Gaffney - September 12th, 2011 - Washington Times

... the lack of a robust GOP response to the president's national security stewardship to date, would be laughable were the implications not so serious. While the take-down of bin Laden and other al Qaeda operatives is certainly welcome, they do not begin to offset Mr. Obama's serial failings as commander in chief. Such failings have had a far worse effect than making him "irrelevant." They have helped to make the world a vastly more dangerous place for America, its people and others who love freedom.

A necessarily illustrative list of ways in which such dangers are arising would include the following examples:

Israel soon is likely to be engulfed in yet another war for its very survival. Straws in the wind are: the sacking of its embassy in Cairo over the weekend and intensifying attacks on its territory and natural gas pipelines from territory at least nominally controlled by Egypt; the portentous approval next week by the U.N. General Assembly of the Palestinians' demand for recognition of their unilaterally declared state; the increasingly overtly-hostile posture toward Israel being taken by Turkey under its Islamist prime minister, Recep Erdogan; the arming to the teeth of jihadists in Libya; Lebanon under the control of Iranian proxy, Hezbollah; the prospect that the Muslim Brotherhood will emerge ascendant as Egypt unravels; and Iran's incipient nuclear weapons capability.

China is becoming increasingly assertive in the South China Sea and elsewhere as its military build-up progresses, its economic power becomes more dominant and its colonial expansionism spans the globe. Last week, The Washington Times' Bill Gertz reported that in 2008, Chinese naval vessels and bombers temporarily blinded and repeatedly buzzed the crew of a U.S. Navy survey ship. Unfortunately, prospects exist for far worse.

The evisceration of our military and its supporting industrial base - a likely hallmark of the Obama policy legacy - will be a far more important determinant of our future security and that of the free world more generally than all of Mr. Obama's putative decisiveness in the fight against al Qaeda. Today's spin will be the subject of tomorrow's ridicule as we inevitably reap the whirlwind of wars that could have been prevented.

The number of people who will die as a direct result of the geopolitical ignorance shown by President Barack Obama will vastly exceed the number who died due to the naive ignorance of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Obama and Chamberlain are two of a kind. Arrogant and sure of their mastery of every situation. Neither was humble enough to understand how little control they had over events and both were more impressed with foreigners than with the strengths of their own countries.

Obama despises America. He has an excuse. He was not raised here and truly is ignorant of what America stands for. He has only been told what leftist extremists who hate us believe about our nation. Though Chamberlain had less reason to despise his nation, he was a gutless appeaser and did only what was popular during his entire life. It is no surprise he presided over the demise of Britain as a world power. It is no surprise Obama is presiding over the destruction of America as a world power. Such men have no true perspective of the world. Their arrogance makes them incapable of seeing the world as it is.

Great nations are led by great men. Obama is not a great man and is incapable of leading America towards anything but a socialist tyranny.


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