Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama's Hope And Lies

by Jeffrey Folks - September 19th, 2011 - American Thinker

One thing about the Obama White House: you can't fault them for a lack of optimism. Obama has been operating on little more than "hope" for three years now, with rosy predictions of economic improvement just around the corner. Back in June 2010, the president kicked off "recovery summer" with "groundbreakings and events across the country." When that recovery failed to materialize, he insisted that we were just going through a "soft patch." We're still in that soft patch, which is starting seem more like an endless swamp.

No problem. When rosy predictions fail, one can always resort to lies.

The Obama Administration is an excellent example of how government confuses the American people with lies and distortions. Statistics are created that are known to be lies and brashly publicized. Then quietly revised later with no publicity. That way they can insist the statistics are accurate even when what they said does not resemble the truth at all.

Another important point in this article that Democrats NEVER understand; whether you take a dollar out of the private sector by taxing it or borrowing it, either will harm business growth as that dollar is no longer available for investments that create jobs.

The final point I find critical is pointing out how the lust for control by government bureaucrats results in egregious regulations which provide so much damage to freedom that any spurious claims to benefits are simply ridiculous. This burden discourages investors by strangling any thought that government is not their enemy. We have reached that point today. Government is our enemy. Freedom is an illusion. If you doubt it go watch the populace line up for their ritual groping at airports when there has never been a single attempt to harm citizens that has been prevented by this insanity.

America is no longer free.


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