Thursday, June 29, 2006

Newt Gingrich Endorses Fred Smith

Jason Soper, Blair Keen, Dodie Renfer and Sheriff Steve Bizzell Are Early Arrivals

Last night we had politics in action. One of the most fun kind of events in politics is the fund raiser. Newt Gingrich was in Raleigh to headline an event for Senatorial candidate Fred Smith. Gingrich has not lost his mastery of the issues that face our nation and it was a great night.

While Waiting For The Fund Raiser To Start, Everyone Caught Up With Old Friends

Newt Gingrich And Fred Smith Getting Ready For Pictures With Attendees

Ginny Smith Was Greeting People At The Door

Introduced by the candidate himself, Senator Fred Smith, Gingrich opened his presentation with an explanation of what we as Republicans have learned over the years; "Words matter" when they are the truth. It is when we follow through with the truth that we change the world.

When The Line For Pictures Started Moving, It Went Fast

Olden Thornton, Jim Anthony, Vernon Robinson and Ryan Miller Discussing . . What Else, Politics

Chuck Stires, Senate Candidate, Visits With Mike Wilburt

Gingrich started off with the story of when Ronald Reagan was asked what he thought would be the best solution for the cold war. His answer was "We win . . they lose". The press went balistic at the simplicity of what they referred to as "the cowboy". He was equally blunt when he said "The Soviet Union is an evil empire". However we found out later the amazing power of those words. Natan Sharansky said that those words spread like wildfire through the Soviet Archipelago of prison camps and had two effects. Guards moral sank. Prisoner moral went up. Today the Soviet Union does not exist. Though college professors had a conference on the demise of the Soviet Union and never once mentioned Ronald Reagan, it is truth that the Sovient Union disappeared because Ronald Reagan won.

After Pictures Everyone Lined Up For The Great Food

Teresa Winders Joins Ginny Smith And Her Family

Gingrich said that he was concerned that the Republican Party has forgotten this reality that words matter. He said that vision must be followed by principals and that principals must lead to policy. He gave as an example of his belief that the current democratic party has become hysterical. . . the comparison between Dick Murtha, "The U.S. is a greater threat than North Korea or Iran", and Walter Mondale, "North Korea is so dangerous that we should take out their missle on the launch pad". Gingrich joked that the best thing the Republican party could do would be to sponsor a debate between Murtha and Mondale, two democrats, and let people decide which spoke the truth.

The O'Neals From Raleigh And Apex Are Friends Of Fred Smith!

With reams of statistics as he always has at hand, Gingrich proceded to take on several of the major topics of our time; the war in Iraq, the issues of education, energy policy, welfare, the structure of government and immigration.

Color Guard Presents Our Flag

The Dais, Senator Fred Smith, Speaker Newt Gingrich, Marc Rotterman, Sheriff Carey Winders, Sheriff Steve Bissell and Pat O'Neal, Chairman of Christian Businessmen for Christ

On immigration he had some of his most cogent criticisms. Gingrich noted that last year the social security system received over 6 billion dollars in deductions from payroll of people who are working with illegal social security numbers. Those are non-persons for whom the social security numbers have never been issued. However not a single one of these people, or their employers, have been charged with a crime in the last year.

Senator Fred Smith Opens With His Vision For North Carolina, and Introduces Newt Gingrich

Gingrich closed the presentation with an irony. He said that we started tonights meeting with a pledge of allegiance. However the ninth circuit court of appeals says that it is unconstitutional to start any public gathering with our current pledge. The question is, can courts rewrite our laws or should that just be the power of the elected legislative branch?

Newt Gingrich Is Still Popular With This Crowd

After the presentation no one wanted to leave. It was a spirited group who hung around and talked and talked about the issues that had been discussed. Fred Smith is a popular candidate and has attracted a great group of supporters, "The friends of Fred Smith". On this night they were excited by the thoughts that had been presented and the future it represented.

Newt Gingrich Is A Powerful Speaker And Knows His Material Well

Sunday, June 25, 2006

U.S. Can't 'Redeploy' Its Way Out Of Iraq

by Mark Steyn - June 24th, 2006 - Chicago Sun-Times
You gotta hand it to these guys: "Redeployment" is ingenious. I'll bet the focus-group consultants were delirious: "surrender," "lose,","scram," "scuttle ignominiously," "head for the hills" all polled poorly, but "redeploy" surveyed well with all parts of the base, except the base in Okinawa, where they preferred "sayonara" -- that's "redeploy" in any language. The Defeaticrats have a clear message for the American people. Read da ploy: No new quagmires.

This is the most artful example of Leftspeak since they came up with "undocumented immigrant." In fact, if it catches on, I'll bet millions of fine upstanding members of the Undocumented-American community now start referring to themselves as Redeployed Mexicans.

Is there any way to honestly discuss the war against Islamofascism without accepting that the liberal left is determined that America must lose? The liberals believe, or so they claim, that all cultures are equal and that it is more important for us to maintain our values than that we lose the war. They believe that nothing is worth going to war for since a culture that believes it has the right to behead us if we don't convert to their religion is just as fine as a Christian culture.

Let's be honest. If nothing is worth going to war for, then you are ready to lose all wars, including the one we are in now. However these liberals insist you must not dare imply that someone who is advocating a policy that will cause us to lose the war is "unpatriotic". You don't even have to say the specific words. Just arguing that you think their position is stupid will get you accused of calling them "unpatriotic" and "treasonable" and that you are evil for doing so.

Steyn does a great job of presenting the argument that we have to win the war. He is much more articulate than I. However you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that liberals and the long list of non-liberal philosophies are simply unable to communicate with each other these days. If liberals think redeploy is not just another word for quit you will never reach them with logic.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Deluded America

By Diana West - June 23rd, 2006 - The Washington Times

In the 21st century, however, there is something that our society values more than our own lives — and more than the survival of civilization itself. That something may be described as the kind of moral superiority that comes from a good wallow in Abu Ghraib, Haditha, CIA interrogations or Guantanamo Bay. Morally superior people — Western elites — never "humiliate" prisoners, never kill civilians, never torture or incarcerate jihadists. Indeed, they would like to kill, I mean, prosecute, or at least tie the hands of, anyone who does. This, of course, only enhances their own moral superiority. But it doesn't win wars. And it won't save civilization.

Why not? Because such smugness masks a massive moral paralysis. The morally superior (read: paralyzed) don't really take sides, don't really believe one culture is qualitatively better or worse than the other. They don't even believe one culture is just plain different from the other. Only in this atmosphere of politically correct and perpetually adolescent non-judgmentalism could anyone believe, for example, that compelling, forcing or torturing a jihadist terrorist to get information to save a city undermines our "values" in any way. It undermines nothing — except the jihad.

Our society has split into two competing world views and the winner of that battle is as important to victory as the battle against militant Islam. This article by Diana West describes what Thomas Sowell calls the "liberal Western elite" as effectively as anyone has done it. It is important that we understand this world view, and not just rant against "those liberals". It is important because you must understand your enemy if you want to win.

Too many conservatives and libertarians are queasy about the claimed "moral superiority" of the "liberal Western elite" but do not realize what a corrupt attitude it is. The problem is they do not really understand how ridiculous the liberal position is. The liberals with this superior attitude would not have destroyed the Nazi death camps but would have tried to understand them.

If we do not understand how evil the "morally superior" "liberal Western elite" are, we will lose the current war and Western Civilization is doomed.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boiling Point

by Tony Blankley - June 21st, 2006 -

On June 12, in Hill v. McDonough, The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a death row inmate may challenge in court, via the Civil Rights Act of 1871 (42 USC 1983), the cruel and unusual nature of the method of execution he is about to be subjected to. In that case the method was lethal injection.

Last week (6/15), in a related case reported by the Associated Press (AP), the natural foods grocery chain Whole Foods Market ruled that they will stop selling live lobsters and soft-shelled crabs "on the grounds that it's inhumane." They will, however, "continue to sell frozen, raw and cooked lobster products." According to the AP, animal rights activists welcomed the decision.

If you do not know Tony Blankley's writing style well you might not recognize that he has started this article with toungue firmly in cheek and he is about to have some fun with his favorite targets, liberals. Whenever something really serious, like the death penalty is at stake, whether for men or animals, liberals can be trusted to come up with bizarre and outlandish arguments to defend their decisions.

One decision alluded to in this article is the bizarre concept that if someone is really stupid, they cannot be executed for killing someone else. Combine that with the liberal insistence on freeing guilty murderers after some period, who then go out and kill again, and you get the reality that American citizens have died because liberals turn dumb murderers loose as their right to be turned loose since they are merely dumb killers and not smart killers. However the people they then kill probably don't care whether they are dead because someone is dumb or not. The "someone who is dumb" includes the liberals that made this insanity happen. However liberals think of themselves as both smarter than you and more moral than you and they will become furious if you dispute either presumption.

Getting back to the article by Tony, if you are not a liberal, it will crack you up.

Monday, June 19, 2006

My New Contribution To Educational Racism

by Mike S. Adams - June 19th, 2006 -
Presently, many schools in the UNC system are engaging in racial discrimination in admissions in order to promote “diversity.” This has caused some degree of resentment among students who are not sufficiently diverse – in other words, white. The racial tensions created by the racist policies of the UNC system are nothing compared to the tensions that will erupt when I implement my new classroom civility policy in the fall of 2006.

Mike Adams loves to show liberals what happens when the rules they promulgate to enforce "diversity" are set up in another situation. What is amusing is how obviously biased and bigoted the rules are when they are applied to these other situations liberals did not invent. Mike has invented rules that are unfair to blacks, but more unfair to whites because of the way they are applied to all whites instead of individuals. They are obviously unfair, but the question becomes, are they any different than the current way college admittance is applied to whites and blacks? Mike, as usual, will challenge your perceptions. Great article.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Boy Speaker

By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. - June 15th, 2006 - The American Spectator

WASHINGTON -- The Hon. Newt Gingrich's recent oracular rumble to a luncheon audience at the Brookings Institution, during which he threatened to seek the Republican presidential nomination if a "vacuum" remains in the Republican field, reminded me of an inescapable insight I suffered sometime in 1998. Gingrich is the Republicans' Bill Clinton.

Newt Gingrich was thrown out of his position as speaker because it became clear to Republicans that he was self absorbed and was perfectly willing to use his power for sex, just like the President many despised. Democrats have missed Newt more than Republicans have, since they loved to hold Gingrich up as the image for the Republican Party. In reality, most Republicans were glad to see him go.

Having seen him leave the stage for moral transgressions, I am more concerned at the posibility that Gingrich could be one of the candidates in the next Presidential primary season than I am that Hillary could be one of the candidates. Both are politically astute and smart . . . . but both are amoral and unfit for that office.

It is too bad that Gingrich is not happy filling the role at which he is master; strategy on the issues of the day. His Contract with America is still the most brilliant political move of the last century moving the Republican Party from 40% of the vote, to 53% of the vote in a single four year period. That incredible feat, never equalled in history, is why he is still on the scene.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Daily Kos-mania

by Ben Shapiro - Jun 14, 2006 -
The left has found its newest sex symbol. His name is Markos Moulitsas, and he's the founder of the eponymous Daily Kos, a popular radical liberal blog garnering thousands of visitors each day.


Moulitsas recently held a convention for his fellow leftist bloggers in Las Vegas; the convention was humbly entitled "Yearly Kos." Amidst the Bush-bashing revelry and tinfoil hats (yes, literally), major Democratic leaders came to pay homage to the deplorable hatemonger who once stated about slain American military contractors, "I feel nothing over the death of merceneries. They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them."

Just to be sure you understand, this is America and American workers that are being denigrated by Moulitsas. With Daily Kos, Answer and leading the way, the democratic party is rapidly emerging as the most anti-American organization on the planet, more hostile to our national interest than France. Mouilitsas is the democratic party's latest sex symbol? What happened to the democratic party that I once worked for? Is this your democratic party?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's A War

'Warmongers' have a point: It's a war

By Mark Steyn - June 11, 2006 - Chicago Sun-Times
Five years after 9/11, some strategists say we can't win this thing "militarily," which is true in the sense that you can't send the Third Infantry Division to Brampton, Ontario. But nor is it something we can win through "law enforcement" -- by letting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the FBI and MI5 and every gendarmerie on the planet deal with every little plot on the map as a self-contained criminal investigation. We need to throttle the ideology and roll up the networks. These fellows barely qualify as "fifth columnists": Their shingles hang on Main Street. And, even though the number of Ontarians prepared actively to participate in the beheading of the prime minister is undoubtedly minimal, the informal support of the jihad's aims by many Western Muslims and the quiescence of too many of the remainder and the ethnic squeamishness of the modern multicultural state provide a big comfort zone.

I love the reference by Steyn to "this thing". That is the term used by so many democrats today. The Title of his article mocks the same problem. We are at war. There are still a huge number of people in this country, in fact I have some liberal friends right here in the Inner Banks, who do not, can not and will not accept that we are at war. Before it is over we may well see nuclear bombs going off in our American cities. Their casual dismissal of the possibility shows more their willingness to live in fantasy land than any serious assessment of the state of the world today.

I repeat, as does Steyn, "It's a war!"

Sunday, June 04, 2006

North Carolina Republican Convention
New Bern North Carolina

The Republican Convention this year was a celebration of family values, responsive government, ethics and the need for a more patriotic nation. It highlighted the fact that Republicans have taken over the voting lead within our state, but gerrymandered district lines have left the democrats in total control of the government. There seems to be no tolerance for a continuance of this situation as long as the program of corruption continues within North Carolina. It means we must get a large enough majority that we can change the unfair way that districts are set up so the votes of the people can mean something. That is the goal within the state.

New Bern Riverfront Convention Center - Site For Republian Gathering

There was a great deal of interest this year in things going on in Washington as well, especially with the vote on control of our borders and the long term implications for national security. Illegal aliens have long had rights in this country that supercede the rights of citizens. This situation has been forced by judges who ignore the laws. This too is close to being rectified, but the supporters of illegal immigration will not give in easily.

Senator Elizabeth Dole Was Present To Push For Support On Immigration Reform - Here Being Interviewed By Local TV

As is usual at the conventions, one reason for going is to meet the number of people who are active in politics. We have a great number of families who work together on political issues.
This year I was pleased to meet the McKims from down near the Georgia border. They are typical of the decent people these events attract. They were there in support of Ken McKim for State Senator whose web site can be found here: Ken McKim For State Senate

From Macon County North Carolina, The McKim Family, Molly, Julie, Millie And Meg

We also have a great number of long time dedicated campaigners who fight the good fight even when it is an uphill battle. One of those is Ron Toppin. Ron has committed to taking on one of the democrats generally considered to be a part of the ongoing corruption, Marc Basnight. Even though it is unlikely that he can be unseated, someone must stand up for those who believe that the corruption must end.

Popular Businessman Ron Toppin - Challenging Marc Basnight For State Senator

I have only been back in North Carolina for a couple of years, but I have already discovered that there are some really outstanding people who will go anywhere to help out with good causes. It was a real pleasure to spend some time with Joseph Avery, Chairman of the Johnston County Republican Party. Joseph heard about our problems with community schools here locally, and came out repeatedly to help out. He is a good man and we owe him a lot for the things that he did. It was good to see him.

Meeting Good Friends Of The Inner Banks - Joseph Avery Who Helped So Much With The Community Schools SOS Campaign

We also got support from Fred Smith, and this year Fred was one of the highlights of the convention. Fred gave a truly outstanding speech that had the crowd roaring.

Fred Smith Is Introduced To Delegates

The higlights of Senator Smith's speech were the basics of the Republican campaign. Republicans get the most votes. Why have the democrats been allowed to set up districts that give them the most seats? Time and again the democrats have kept the legislature from voting on the issues that have overwhelming popular support. The following were his popular points.

Fred Waiting To Give Keynote Speech

Republicans are for taking Medicaid off the backs of the counties, thereby giving counties $500 million to build schools and educate our children without having to raise our property tax.

Republicans are for a constitutional amendment that prevents government from taking private property from one individual and giving it to another private person as allowed by the Kelo Decision.

Republicans are for families continuing to be the foundation of our State. And, if we are going to have strong families, we must pass the Defense of Marriage Act - a constitutional Amendment to defend traditional marriage.

Repeatedly the crowd chanted along with Fred,

Fred Smith Shared His Vision For North Carolina

Immediately after the session when Fred gave his speech, Fred invited people to his hospitality suite, right beside the harbor, so that everyone could talk with him personally and get to know him and his values better. There are a lot of people who are hoping that Fred will be the next Republican candidate for Governor. As a farmer, businessman and developer, Fred has a good understanding of the challenges we face, both in the rurual communities and in the cities.

Dodie Renfer, Erin Karriker and Blair Keen - Set Up The "Fred Smith" Hospitality Suite After The Saturday Session

Fred And Ginny Smith Greet People At Senator Smith's Hospitality Suite

Maria Barton, Cynthia Sullivan, Angie and David Johnson - Consumed Lots Of Fred's Appetizers And Beverages

Partying Continues Until Dinner Time - After The Rain Stopped, The Patio Was The Cool Place To Be

At The Fred Smith Hospitality Suite, Everyone Important Dropped By
(And I Got My Picture With Senator Dole)

Senator Fred Smith (NC District 12) is featured speaker for the Thursday, June 8th, Beaufort County Republican Men's Club meeting in our area. Meeting is to be held at the Hog Heaven Restaurant on Hwy. 264 in Washington, NC. Meal served at 6 PM. Senator Smith is scheduled to appear at 7 PM.

If you would like to learn more about Fred Smith's programs and goals, you can visit his company web site, or his campaign web site. Both links are provided below.

Fred Smith Company

Senator Fred Smith Campaign Site

You also might find it interesting to check out last years convention coverage at 2005 North Carolina Republican Convention.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jimmy Carter: Recovering Racist,
Still a Bigot

By Julia Gorin - June 1, 2006 - Jewish World Review

Jimmy Carter has been called everything from a humanitarian, to a crack pot, to the ultimate pacifist. But a look into his past reveals a shoe that fits better than all of these.

It's a story told to me by an acquaintance from Watertown, NY, a place situated way upstate, well north of Syracuse. The acquaintance had heard it from two barflies who were there the night in 1975 that Jimmy Carter passed through town in his first New York appearance during the "250-day 1975 portion of the presidential campaign," as Carter had called it.

The story goes that after giving a speech at the Holiday Inn, Carter stopped by the Rebel Room Tavern, a bar that once existed near the old Woolworth building and catered to southern servicemen based near by. Not knowing that an employee from the local paper was present, Carter joked around with the locals and, as two of those locals related the story to my friend, "every other word out of his mouth was 'nigger' or 'kike.'" But styling itself after The New York Times, the paper didn't print undignified information about candidates it was friendly toward, and the potentially damaging tidbit never made it into print.

It is the litany of stories like these that have created the legacy of the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the certainty that almost everyone from the middle to the right of the political spectrum no longer believes or trusts anything said by most of the reporters in the MSM.

No one except followers of ANSWER or believes anything that Jimmy Carter says. The rumors about the tri-lateral commission and the proven number of times that Carter has made excuses for the global socialist movement simply assure that anyone who says anything positive about Carter is considered to be a left wing wacko. His hatred for Israel and his excuses for the Palestinian terrorists brand him a jew hater along the lines of the current leader of Iran.

It is hard to believe that Carter still has anyone who defends him, but there are a lot who do! It does not appear that Julia Gorin is among them.