Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama Sides With Marxists
Over Honduras

by Cliff Kincaid - June 29, 2009 - Canada Free Press

Claims of a “military coup” have appeared in the press because that is the way far-left officials of the Obama Administration have described it. The Administration has been just as quick to undermine freedom and democracy in Honduras as it was late in supporting the pro-freedom and pro-democracy demonstrators in Iran.

On June 28, a “Teleconference Background Briefing” was held with the major media by “two senior officials” who were guiding coverage of the events in Honduras but whose identities were protected from disclosure by the lapdog press.

The transcript shows a New York Times reporter asking, “Is the U.S. Government calling this and considering this a coup d’état? Can you talk about the use of language? Some other governments have called it that.”

The answer was, “...I would certainly characterize a situation where a president is forcibly detained by the armed forces and expelled from a country an attempt at a coup. We-I mean, we still see him as the constitutional president of Honduras. So it was an attempt at a coup. We don’t think it was successful.”

The official is saying it wasn’t successful because the Obama White House wants to work with the Marxist governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua (backed by Iran) to bring Zelaya back to power.

Who is surprised that the "Magic Marxist Messiah" has aligned America with the Marxist governments of our major enemies to call for the re-instatement of someone who was unanimously opposed by his nation's Supreme Court, opposed by the democratically elected congress, whose removal was implemented by the military at the courts request and whose replacement is from Zelaya's own political party. How much opposition is needed before it is recognized that the coup was being under taken by Manuel Zelaya and constitutional elements in his nation legally blocked it.

I am quite certain that when Obama starts his coup to rig elections with his ACORN thugs here he will rail against any elements in America that oppose him exactly as Zelaya rails against the elements in Honduras that oppose him.

Anyone who tries to claim that Obama is not a Marxist has a new hill to climb. They now must explain why Obama's America has aligned itself with the 3 Marxist dictators from our hemisphere, backed by Ahmadinjead from Iran. Interesting political alignment for our nation.

Media Nervous On
New Duke U. Rape Case

by Thomas Lifson - June 28th, 2009 - American Thinker

Of course, after the disgraceful media and university reaction to the phony allegations against Duke Lacrosse team members, it is wise avoid jumping to conclusions, but the comparative silence on the current case is nonetheless remarkable, considering how many particulars of the case were left out of the main AP account.

Mike Adams,
writing on Townhall, lays out the facts the MSM won't:

Frank Lombard is the associate director of Duke's Center for Health Policy. The university administrator was recently arrested by the FBI and charged with offering up his adopted 5-year-old son for sex. I tried to contact Frank Lombard over the weekend to probe his expertise regarding the health benefits of raping small children. So far, he's declined to comment.

University administrator Lombard is accused of logging on to a chat room online and describing himself as a "perv dad for fun." The detective who wisely looked into the suspicious screen name says that Lombard admitted to molesting his own adopted son. All this was before allegedly inviting a stranger to travel to North Carolina from another state to statutorily rape his already-molested adopted son.

It gets worse.

To sum up the real problem with this rape case is easy. The "step father" is a white partner in a homosexual relationship (or "marriage" as they like to call it) and the adopted son is black. However our MSM cannot criticize the father because, being gay, he is a "protected class" member and therefore he is above suspicion even though he is white.

Gays are determined that the idea of gay adoption cannot be criticized as fostering pedophilia, so the gay community will crucify anyone who dares to mention the facts of this case. I wonder how the black community feels about having one of their children being treated in this fashion. It certainly makes clear that in the Democrat hierarchy, blacks are beneath gays.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama Creates A Deadly Power Vacuum

by Spengler (aka David P Goldman) - June 30th, 2009 - Asia Times

Obama doesn't want to betray the United States; he only wants to empower America's enemies. Forcing Israel to abandon its strategic buffer (the so-called settlements) was supposed to placate Iran, so that Iran would help America stabilize Iraq, where its influence looms large over the Shi'ite majority.

America also sought Iran's help in suppressing the Taliban in Afghanistan. In Obama's imagination, a Sunni Arab coalition - empowered by Washington's turn against Israel - would encircle Iran and dissuade it from acquiring nuclear weapons, while an entirely separate Shi'ite coalition with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would suppress the radical Sunni Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This was the worst-designed scheme concocted by a Western strategist since Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery attacked the bridges at Arnhem in 1944, and it has blown up in Obama's face.

The problem is the intellectual elite arrogance of Obama and his college professor clique of advisers. Not one of them has ever been held accountable for the delusions of their complex strategies. They are convinced that failure to adopt their fantasies by conservatives and neo-conservatives in earlier administrations was an evil plot advanced by money grubbing capitalists. They are not willing to concede an inch on the idea that their plans are simply naive, bordering on deceit so obvious that our enemies would see them as unacceptable.

The consequences of weakening of our nation and betraying our allies is going to be catastrophic for our children.

They say Obama is starting to stumble.

The hell he is.

Michael Crowley - June 29th, 2009 - The New Republic

It's true that if the economy fails to recover within the next year, no amount of hope and change can save Obama's presidency. But those 2010 elections, the first real referendum on his performance, are still 16 months away. That leaves plenty of time for the economy to pick up steam. Moreover, polls show that most Americans still blame the economic doldrums on Bush. And while stimulus dollars have been frustratingly slow to be distributed, that will soon change, with the stimulative effect likely to kick in well before the midterms, dashing the hopes of many a Republican candidate.

If a temporary period of growth does happen in 2010, you can be sure that our MSM will glowingly report it no matter how trivial. FDR got the same kind of glowing credit for any minor uptick during the depression he exacerbated. Obama will benefit from that same liberal press adulation. Already the pounding that Republicans took for an uptick exceeding 5% unemployment is forgotten. Obama's 10% unemployment is explained as problems he inherited from Bush. The reality is that unemployment would have already dropped if the Democrats had not sucked all the money out of our system by their profligate borrowing and spending. However you couild not tell there are problems with Obama's plans if all you read were subservient articles like this one.

Whether it is Zimbabwe or America, government programs like Obama's are a disaster. Any upticks are temporary and minor and then the inflation and stagnation from wasteful spending overwhelm the "stimulus" affect. Unemployment will start back up. The economy will return to its downward plunge.

What annoys me is that Obama is still setting the agenda with his constant bombardment of change. Away from the current focus on health care and the economy he is rigging the greatest scam in our history as he turns over our census to left wing groups known for their criminal and biased activities. After the coming fraudulent census is conducted... and reapportionment is conducted based on its lies... Democrats will control America by fraud.

That is what Crowley and the Democrats are really counting on to make sure that Obama stays in power forever.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Obamacare Won't Survive
Coming Doctor Shortage

Editorial - June 27th, 2009 - Washington Examiner

President Obama's ambitious plan for radically increasing the government's role in the nation's health care system misses one critical detail: There aren't enough primary care physicians in America now and their numbers are declining. That means government won't be able to deliver the expanded health care Obama is promising to millions of uninsured people. With access to primary care already deteriorating in many parts of the country, Obamacare will make it even harder to get a doctor's appointment without a lengthy wait. "The politicians don't talk about who's going to do this extra work," Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and author of the 1993 book "Your Doctor Is Not In," told The Examiner. "Promised coverage is not the same thing as care. All you're getting is a place in the waiting lines."

A survey of 270,000 primary care physicians last November by the Physicians Foundation found that 76 percent described themselves as "overextended or overworked." As a result, 30 percent plan to see fewer patients or scale back to part-time, 13 percent will look for a job that does not involve patient care, and 11 percent plan to retire. Since a third of all Medicare patients already have trouble finding a doctor to treat them, under Obamacare those waiting lines will be very, very long indeed.

I have a friend who is a doctor. She dislikes my statement to her that many doctors are the new slaves, and it is about to get worse. Even populists like Bill O'Reilly think socialized medicine is the way to go. Everyone says, medicine is different. Free enterprise is not the way to go in medicine. Yet our current system delivers more quality health care than any other system in the world. That is ignored in this rush to focus on the shortcomings in the reality of life.

85% of Americans have health insurance and 90% of them rate their insurance as "excellent". That means we have a system that serves 230 million people with excellent health care. Show me any system that comes close. Critics love to focus on the fact that it does not serve people who cannot afford health care quite as well. It is a delusion that making it serve these people with "affordable" health care will not destroy the current great health care system. The attempt to force banks to provide "affordable" housing destroyed our home market with sub-prime loans. Affordable health care will create excess demand and cause inflation in the short term. In the long term it will destroy health care for those who currently get it.

Our health care system actually does serve the poor in our nation already. They have to stand in line at emergency rooms and it is not as convenient as having a personal physician. Some even fall through the cracks and die because they cannot pay. Demanding that everyone get excellent health care for FREE will not fix this though. It will simply kill a lot more people and destroy the current system. That the changes will make things worse is the reality that Democrats always ignore.

How many times does government interference have to deliver a disaster before people stop thinking that if they just listen to those politicians the world would be a perfect place? Affordable health care is about to become the same kind of disaster that affordable housing became. The reality is that Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are not going to deliver affordable health care to anyone.

I can guarantee you they are going to look for scapegoats for the disaster that they are creating. Some of those scapegoats are going to be doctors who have the arrogance to think that they can stop being doctors when the job becomes slavery for more of them. When Democrats need them to provide for the health care of millions who do not pay for it, they will make them work or punish them for daring to have studied medicine and not "pay society back" for their education. Tyrants can always find an excuse.

Obama’s Census
To Castrate... Caucasians

by Paul Williams - June 27, 2009 - Canada Free Press

It’s invasive.
It’s corrupt.
It’s rigged.
It’s unconstitutional.

Its purpose is the legislative transformation of the United States of America into a land where conservatives, Christians, and Caucasians will become political castrados.

It is biased and prejudicial.

It serves to channel billions of dollars into bogus political action groups, such as Acorn.

It promotes gay rights and same-sex marriages...

It is President Barack Obama’s 2010 Census Form.

If you dare to not fill it out, even though it is an unconstitutional document, Obama will fill it out for you. In the guise of a census, Obama is about to restructure America for political advantage. It will not matter how you vote if your vote has been diluted to be meaningless.

The lessons learned by Obama while reading Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" are being applied to governing America. Obama is constantly making waves with a constant stream of new laws so that you do not notice he is destroying our nation in the back rooms of government. All the attention is on the constant wave of new laws. That is not where your freedoms are being taken. A friend says those of us who are angry over the way the census is being rigged must be wrong. "No one would try and do something like this. It is not the way America works."

Yeah. Right.

America's Socialist Past

by Ryan Siefert - June 28th, 2009 - American Thinker

There seems to be a need in American society to have to relearn the same hard lessons over and over again, regardless of whether the results were seen on the other side of the planet or suffered through by our own people.

We're living in a country that elected a President that believes in redistributing wealth. He's mentioned this himself, from the "Joe the Plumber" incident to his critique of the failures of the civil rights movement. Whether you call it Socialism, Communism, Marxism, or by its simpler name, theft, they are all part of the same economic system that destroys private property and puts everything in central control of the state.

The lesson we, and the rest of the world, [] fail to learn is how socially and economically destructive this sort of system is. The problem is, these lessons don't have to be learned from studying the histories of far off lands, for we have numerous examples of collectivist/socialist experiments here at home.

In Jamestown, there was no welfare state. Originally meant to be a trading colony, too many of the original inhabitants were adventurers or people seeking to gain wealth through the export of things they could find in the new world. Preoccupied with their own ideas of fortune, they found that in the wilderness of what was North America their habit of avoiding physical labor meant life or death. It was here that John Smith proclaimed, "He who will not work will not eat." It worked...sort of. While success still eluded the colony, the mortality rate did go from 60 percent to 15 percent.

This is an excellent article that explains some of the lessons of how America became a nation dedicated to free enterprise. The reality is that socialism was tried, again and again, and it failed, again and again. In the harsh world of the 17th and 18th centuries, where failure meant death, these lessons were learned well and taken to heart by the vast majority of Americans.

Life has become too easy. The illusion that socialism does not harm the nation has become blurred. The reality that freedom is better for all in the long run has been forgotten. The real irony in this is that it will be the young who so adore him who will pay the price for Obama's return to a tyranny that does not work.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Hating Republicans
Became So Fashionable

Liberal Discontent and the Spies Next Door

Harry Stein - June 26th, 2009 - Wall Street Journal

"Occasionally, he would voice frustration with U.S. policies," noted the Washington Post of Walter Kendall Myers, the aging New Leftist recently arrested with his wife, Gwendolyn, on charges of spying for Cuba. "But to his liberal neighbors in Northwest D.C.," the story continued, "it was nothing out of the ordinary. 'We were all appalled by the Bush years,' one said."


But here's the thing: What makes them clichés is that there are so many others like them. In left-of-center precincts across America, from the Upper West Side to the studio lot where Sean Penn is filming his latest movie, and including countless college campuses in between, Fidel Castro is even now regarded with understanding and, yes, something like affection. True enough, some have qualms about his abuse of political prisoners and, even more so, his treatment of gays and people suffering from AIDS. But, overall, people have a soft spot for the guy who not only took on the big, bad U.S., but did so with such élan. Castro would certainly be welcome at any dinner party -- as opposed to, say, a Republican!

Democrats have become the party of hating America. They deny it. They insist they are patriots. They actually argue that hating and condemning America is the essence of patriotism. To them it is. Yet when it comes down to it, the actual proof they hate America is their support for anyone, no matter how evil, who hates America. Castro. Chavez. Ahmadenejiad. Jung-Il. Name a leftist who hates America and they can explain why there is justification in their hate. They have memorized the reasons that America is wrong.

That is why I have stopped wasting my time. If you are a Democrat you are evil. I will not argue with you any more. The secessionist movements that are springing up all over America are proof positive that most people who love America have given up hope in saving freedom while they are part of a nation with such evil people running it. We want out.

'Jena 6' Beating Case
Wraps Up With Plea Deal

by Mary Foster - June 26th, 2009 - Associated Press

As part of the deal, one of the attorneys read a statement from the five defendants in which they said they knew of nothing Barker had done to provoke the attack.

"To be clear, not one of us heard Justin use any slur or say anything that justified Mychal Bell attacking Justin nor did any of us see Justin do anything that would cause Mychal to react," the statement said.

The statement also expressed sympathy for Barker and his family, and acknowledged the past 2 1/2 years had "caused Justin and his parents tremendous pain and suffering, much of which has gone unrecognized."


"Everybody pointed a finger at Jena during this, but this happens to African-American males across the country," Utter said. "These young men were lucky that people cared and donated money so they could afford good attorneys. That made the difference."

Note the emphasis on the poor black males who were charged with beating a honkey just because he was white. Why these poor blacks were actually CHARGED with a crime, rather than being praised for retaliating against the most convenient white person for their feelings of inferiority. The outrage. How dare whites decide it is time for the overwhelming racism of the black community to end.

Of course it didn't and it won't. Blacks denouced Justin and his family. They denounced the white race. Riots and marches have made it clear, blacks are never to be held accountable. They scream about how their ancestors were slaves and it excuses anything they want to do.

So the judge decided on a $500 fine. I am amazed it was that high. In fact I am amazed that Justin did not have to pay the blacks for his audacity in not dying.

There Is No Global Warming

Thus the Waxman-Markey bill that was passed yesterday by the House is a fraud based on a lie. Why then did 8 Republicans, the margin of passage, vote for this bill? It appears to me the world is going insane.

For the record, the 8 Republicans who voted to raise taxes and destroy our economy are: Mary Bono Mack (CA), Mike Castle and Mark Steven Kirk (IL), Leonard Lance, Frank LoBiondo and Chris Smith (NJ), John McHugh (NY), Dave Reichert (WA).

What would inspire these Republicans to vote for such a disastrous bill?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recovery When?
How About If?

by C. Edmund Wright - June 25th, 2009 - American Thinker

Obamanomics simply will not work. It is based on a total misdiagnosis of our problems and prescribes precisely the wrong cures.

Consider the following series of events that have led us to our economy today:

1: Energy. While it is conventional wisdom that our economic woes stem from the bursting bubble in the housing market, few consider the needle that did the bursting.

When gas more than doubled in what was just a period of months, household budgets got devastated as trips to the grocery store and the pump took more and more of the limited dollars of the sub prime borrowers' budgets. This led to the next domino:

2: Housing Crisis: People needed to eat and get to work more than they needed to pay a mortgage they had not invested a down payment in, so they quit paying those mortgages in huge numbers.

So the gas domino nudged the sub prime mortgage domino -- which then toppled dominos in both the mortgage market in general and in housing prices. More and more mortgages were in trouble making more and more houses available making those houses worth less which in turn motivated more and more people to default on these mortgages...

At least one other person besides me seems to understand the integrated nature of cheap energy and our economy. Since the Magic Marxist Messiah seems hell bent on increasing our cost of energy, who among you thinks that the consequences can be anything but catastrophic?

I don't. The problem is that the general public does not want to read any articles about the complex world of energy. Because it takes years to bring energy to market this is a problem they are not concerned with. The general public cares about next week, if more than today matters at all. The fact is we need to be drilling right now, but we aren't. All three branches of our government, judicial- legislative- executive, are working to end use of cheap energy in America.

Solar is not cheap. Wind is not cheap. the illusion that so-called "green" energy can solve our problems is based on the idea that the price can be reduced by making someone pay taxes and then the taxes are used to subsidize the price. Pass a law and green energy will work fine. Trust us, say the democrats.

Only oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear are cost effective... i.e. cheap. the rest will only be used if taxes are used to subsidize them. Cheap energy is the motor behind our economy. When that is sabotaged, as Obama is doing right now, it will take years to fix the problem. Those are years we do not have.

Mr. Wright has diagnosed the problem more accurately than most. It is incredible but there are people who still think that you can sabotage free enterprise and because we are America, it will not matter. Obama insists that what we are doing is not socialist because making America socialist does not make us socialist because we are America and America is not socialist. What? Obama actually said this. He took a couple of minutes to say it and he packaged it with a bunch of fancy words so it sounded logical, but that is what he said.

That is exactly the kind of gibberish that is leading us down this insane path. At the end of the path a lot of Obamanistas are going to learn that fancy talk does not substitute for understanding economics. Obama doesn't. He drank the koolaid of socialism first.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

He Thinks You're Stupid

John Hinderaker - June 23, 2009 - Powerline

In his press conference today, President Obama talked about the cap-and-trade energy tax that the Democrats are trying to ram through Congress. Obama's nose grew a couple of inches as he uttered this howler:

At a time of great fiscal challenges, this legislation is paid for by the polluters who currently emit the dangerous carbon emissions that contaminate the water we drink and pollute the air we breathe.

The idea that the energy tax will come to rest with "polluters"--that is to say, power companies, manufacturers, agribusinesses, and so on--is absurd. The cost will be passed on to consumers, as Obama himself admitted during a moment of candor during the campaign, when he said that electricity costs would "skyrocket" under his cap-and-trade proposal.

It is truly sad, that our nation has reached a point where it is impossible for the two sides in the political debate to discuss almost anything without the left lying about it. There is no greenhouse gas crisis. There is no man caused global warming. Expensive energy will destroy the competitive advantage of our manufacturing capability and we will lose even more of our economic wealth. However believing in both allows government to PLAN our economy under the control of liberals.

The future under cap-and-tax, the liberal strangling of drilling for oil and producing coal, socialized medicine, outrageous bureaucracies making all decisions for our people... this is a recipe for tyranny. How can 52% of our people believe this is the best way towards a brighter future?

Maybe that 52% vote is why Obama thinks we are stupid enough to believe cap-and-tax will be paid for by the corporations.

After Global Warming

by Larrey Anderson - June 24th, 2009 - The American Thinker

Science and ideology don't mix. They never have and they never will. The house of cards that is the science behind "climate change" is collapsing at exactly the same time it is being imposed by the Obama administration and Congress as an ideological "truth." America is facing the perfect storm of an imploding scientific theory that will be enforced by the rule of law.

Make no mistake: the big bad wolf of
truth is about to blow the straw house of global warming to bits. This is why there was a sudden shift, in the last nine months, from the use of "man made global warming" to "climate change" by the proponents of the theory.

How can anyone fail to recognize the fact that global warming proponents are lying? More polite terms are simply not honest assessments of what is happening. This is not a situation where people are sincerely wrong. Their actions have made it clear, it is a duplicitous and intentional strategy to deceive people for the purpose of attaining political power.

The raw elements of national power are cheap energy, cheap transportation, cheap communications and freedom to unleash national creativity (which means low taxes and minimal regulations). The raw Marxist ideology of Barack Obama is succeeding in destroying two of the four legs of national economic wealth. No nation, so handicapped, can remain competitive. Obama is about to drive our economy into a catastrophe. How can 65% of Americans still support him? Three generations of brain washing in our schools claiming socialism is the answer leave our people unable to see the truth.

Green energy really means expensive energy. Yet 65% of our nation's people are too brainwashed to see that. It is no surprise we are losing the debate. We lost the debate three generations ago when the socialists took over our education unions and started the program of brainwashing our children.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Swatting The 'Killer Fly'

Unemployment is like swatting a fly

Jimmy Carter had his "killer rabbit". Barack Obama has his "killer fly". There is absolutely no more appropriate metaphor to describe the current Presidency. He sees all problems as easily handled. Anything is within his power. With no accomplishments to his name Obama has talked his way to the most powerful position in the world. Yet his accomplishments to date are to swat at our problems even as he swats a fly.

It is telling that Obama thinks that he has done a good job as President. Even though they are already writing articles about the growing anti-Semitism Obama has delivered to our nation, Obama is not concerned. Support for Israel has dropped from 69% to 49% in the last month as Obama politely condemns them with his articulate insults. In a poll by Columbia and Stanford professors 32% of Democrats believe "the Jews" are causing our current financial crisis. Did Obama mean this to happen? If not, can he really say he is doing a good job? Question him and he flicks you away like he flicks a fly.

Obama (and his press secretary) just smiles and taunts you with "I won" as his answer. He thinks he is right because he won an election. That is the attitude of his entire administration. Can anyone believe there is any President who, six months into his administration, could honestly believe winning an election was equivalent to being right on every issue? Get away little fly.

Obama is constantly praised by his supporters for his calm in the face of crisis. That calm can come from two sources. Having analyzed a situation and developed a solution that others have not yet understood. Or being so far over your head that you don't realize the consequences of being wrong.

The problems of our economy are not unique. We have faced these same economic challenges in the past, as have many other nations. The American solution has always been based on free enterprise. When other solutions were tried, such as the socialism of FDR and the welfare state of Lyndon Johnson, the consequences were stagnation, unemployment and inflation just like other nations experienced when they tried the same solutions.

The answers that Obama keeps coming up with are always the knee jerk solutions of the most liberal thinkers of the Democrat Party. Keynesian economics recommends a stimulus. Obama thus recommends a stimulus. Nothing original there. But Obama is not satisfied with a stimulus we can afford. He sees himself as so larger than life that the stimulus must be huge, four times the largest deficit in the history of government. How else do we treat the problem as if it is a fly. Go away little fly. The great Obama will flick away recession with as little effort as he swats a fly.

Except it is not going away. Unemployment keeps rising. This week, here in North Carolina it reached an all time record of over 11% as measured by modern government rules. This is already significantly higher than Obama predicted. Real unemployment the way it was measured back during the depression is over 15%. But don't worry. Obama will swat it away. You just have to wait. Don't you dare notice that his predictions are wrong. Obama is the master of swatting flies. Didn't you hear? He won.

Israel Betrayed

President Obama Is Treating Our Friend Like A Fiend, And Turning Public Opinion Against An Ally

by James Kirchick - June 20th, 2009 - New York Post

Unfortunately, the President seems to be paying no domestic political price for turning on Israel. Given the historic support that the American public has shown for the Jewish State, this is in and of itself a disturbing sign. But when an American administration's rhetoric and diplomacy render Israel the obstinate actor and portray its supposed recalcitrance as the main obstacle to peace, public opinion will follow.
The percentage of American voters who call themselves supporters of Israel has plummeted from 69% last September to 49% this month, according to the Israel Project. Meanwhile, only 6% of Jewish Israelis consider Obama to be "pro-Israel," a Jerusalem Post poll found, pointing to a disturbing gulf between the two nations. There are even signs of rising anti-Semitism, as a survey by Columbia and Stanford professors found that 32% of Democrats blamed Jews for the financial crisis.

Obama is turning America against Israel...

It is disgusting that so many Democrats keep claiming that Obama is the great unifier. Far from being a unifier, Barack Obama is the most divisive and evil man who has ever been President of our nation.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

'45 Million Americans'

Who are those guys?

by Larry Elder - June 18th, 2009 - Creator's Syndicate

Start with the math. We have 300 million Americans. Subtract the 45 million — 15 percent of us — with no health insurance. That leaves 255 million Americans, or 85 percent, with it.

And the insurance is lousy, right? Not according to a 2006 ABC News/Kaiser Family Foundation/USA Today survey. It found that 89 percent of Americans were satisfied with the quality of their own health care.

So calling it a crisis is misleading. The breakdown of the 45 million who "supposedly" can't afford health care shows this claim is totally misleading too.

20%, or 9 million, make over $75,000 a year. Are you ready to provide insurance for them?

Nearly half, over 20 million, are young people who could afford health care but don't bother since they are almost never sick.

11 million are eligible for SCHIP or Medicaid but, again, are almost never sick so they don't bother.

2 million of them are in jail and already get free medical care, at your expense. What value is there in giving them insurance? Does anyone think this will help them?

9 million are illegal aliens who are trying to stay below the radar and who certainly should not have free health care since they don't even belong here.

Millions, estimated at nearly 3 million, are family members of people who, even though they work at companies who offer them insurance at a fraction of the cost the government can provide it for, chose not to pay it.

As the article notes, no health insurance does not mean no health care. Many of those above simply go to the emergency room for free health care when they need it. No one in America goes without health care.

So what is the crisis? The millions of newly created bureaucratic jobs to monitor the health care of you and your family because you are too stupid to do this yourself if socialized medicine can be passed. Make no mistake. This is socialized medicine. Until we have it, this is a crisis for the Democrat Party, because they are the party whose members will take these jobs. It is all about Chicago style socialism, filled with corruption, graft and appointed jobs for the politically connected.

Is more graft by nationalizing the Chicago political machine to take over medicine really what you want?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

$134 Billion Mystery

... from would-be bond smugglers

by William Pesek - June 18, 2009 - The Standard Finance (Hong Kong)

Let's assume for a moment that these US bonds are real.

That would make a mockery of Japanese Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano's "absolutely unshakable" confidence in the credibility of the US dollar. Yosano would have some explaining to do about Japan's US$686 billion of US debt if more of these suitcase capers come to light.

Counterfeit US$100 bills are one thing; two guys with undeclared bonds including 249 certificates worth US$500 million and 10 "Kennedy bonds" of US$1 billion each is quite another.


It would be terrible news for the White House. Other than the United States, China and Japan, no other nation could theoretically move those amounts. In the absence of clear explanations coming from the Treasury, conspiracy theories are filling the void.

It is just one more example of the consequences of the Magic Marxist Messiah's total destruction of the American economy in less than six months. The world is laughing, not just the Chinese finance experts who openly ridiculed Tim Geithner's claim that our money was secure made when he was on a recent visit. Obama and his Treasury Secretary are jokes.

It does seem curious why only Glen Beck, here in America, is openly outraged at both Obama AND the Republicans. Most Republican leadership tries oh so hard to say nice things about Obama. Many of these Republicans actually went along with the inarticulate retard, George W. Bush, when he started the unconstitutional moves to destroy our free enterprise system with the proposed TARP. Then Harry Paulson and Ben Bernanke took the money and spent it in totally illegal fashion to buy stock and bailout auto companies, something the TARP legislation did not permit. Paulson even bragged about the lack of legality when he testified to congress. Obama has, using Geithner, continued the illegal processes pioneered by Paulson. However the problem started on Bush's watch and Republicans went along.

This article about the bonds is getting little coverage here in America and I don't know why. There is no story more critical to our economic survival. You can't just look at what is happening today. You have to think about the future. And right now, a continuation of Obama's ongoing idiocy is certain to destroy our financial base more disastrously than Carter ever did. The scale of these bonds is pointed out in the article. No country in the America's, not even Mexico or Brazil, could get their hands on this much money legally. Only China and Japan have reserves that would total money on this scale.

Since it is almost certain that these bonds were being smuggled into Switzerland by either China or Japan (excluding the U.S. no one else owns enough), this has to be a signal American currency is about to suffer a world wide attack of unprecedented levels. All the while our financial idiot Obama blithely goes ahead spending money at a level no sane person could defend.

Update - 6/19/2009 - Boy did I get this wrong.

Latest speculation is that the two japanese, dressed in suits, were a part of the Italian mafia. What? Yep. That is the U.S. government take on this. A new article by Canada Free Press has some intriguing thoughts on this case in an article by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director & Judi McLeod which can be found here.

One paragraph in this article leaps off the page:
It is relevant to note here, however, that such bearer bonds have not been legitimately issued by the U.S. Treasury Department since 1982, at least according to public reports by the U.S. Treasury. This is important to point out due to the reasonable speculation that there is not $134.5 billion of bearer bonds left in the market, thus bringing up the possibility that the bonds in the possession of the two men are counterfeit. This possibility, as it turns out, is extremely important to the U.S. for two reasons. First, it would mitigate the potential impact on the U.S. economy by asserting that the bonds are indeed counterfeit. Secondly, it would provide the U.S. Federal Reserve a vital alibi for a much larger crime being perpetrated on the American people. That crime would be the secret, “off-the-books” issuance of securities to other nations to finance deficits, among other purposes.

Who believes a Treasury Department ruled by the tax cheat Tim Geithner in an Obama administration that clearly cares nothing for the rule of law is telling the truth about anything. I am now starting to think this was done by the U.S. to move money to Japan.


I do not believe the U.S. story that the bonds were counterfeit. Who thinks that anyone would take instruments of this denomination and not check that they were legally owned since it is so easy to check? Is anyone suspected of being that stupid? Can you think of anyone? If they were going to be checked, who but America would benefit from their clandestine movement to Switzerland?

Update Two - 6/21/2009 - Consensus is forming that the Bonds are forgeries

As bizarre as it may seem, it is being accepted that this was an attempt to pass off forged bonds as real. I do not understand how any crook could be that stupid, but that is the story and our government is sticking to it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Stimulus A Disaster

Below is the graph provided by Obama to justify spending $787 billion to "stimulate" the economy. As conservative economists predicted, we would have been much better off NOT PASSING the bill. No Republicans in Congress voted for the plan. Only three Republican Senators voted to support the Obama plan.

And this is why. Conservatives predicted the so called "stimulus" would only make things worse. And it has.

The light blue curve is what would have happened if the economy and the banks had been allowed to work out the problems through normal free enterprise processes and no stimulus had been passed. The dark blue curve is the usual Keynesian prediction of better results with government intervention... which has never improved things no matter how many times it has been tried. (Remember, this graph is the actual data provided by Obama to justify the stimulus. This is Obama's plan.)

The red dots show the actual unemployment consequences due to sabotaging our economy with government intervention. That is what we are really getting. A disaster.

Why will Democrats NEVER allow the business cycle to work through these things? Why do they always insist we have to intervene and thus make them worse? No recession ever became the horrible depression of the 30s until Democrats insisted that they had to fix the problems. They made the problems worse then. They are making the problems worse now. Their own graphs prove it. Yet they repeatedly insist that WE HAVE TO INTERVENE.

Thanks to National Review for the graph. Click on the title above to see their original article.

Oh Dear, How Inconvenient
For The White House

by Melanie Phillips - June 16th, 2009 - American Spectator

Far from showing the brilliance of Obama’s foreign policy approach, what has happened has dealt a stunning blow to his strategy of reaching out to the wrong people. Having assumed wrongly that Hezbollah would win in Lebanon, his administration let it be known that it would deal with Hezbollah in government. The response of the Lebanese people to this pre-emptive cringe from the White House was to show that, while Obama was prepared to kow-tow to terror, they were not. Instead of supporting both the Lebanese and the Iranians against tyranny, he abandoned them. Having shown weakness to Tehran, he merely emboldened the regime. The result was the rigged election.

What is weakening the regime is not Obama’s appeasement. It is resistance. It is the fact that the people did not take their stolen election lying down but turned out in their hundreds of thousands to demand justice – and are prepared to die for it – that has rocked the regime. With a reported twenty people dead yesterday and hundreds more injured at the hands of the regime’s thugs, the people have now been galvanised still further. Staring at what might well be a true counter-revolutionary moment, the regime is wobbling, and has now announced there will be a recount of the vote.

And still Obama is getting it wrong. Not surprising -- having made nice with the tyrants and thus undermined the democrats he has been badly caught out and clearly doesn’t know what to do. With whom does he now side? His reaction -- as promulgated by his fawning acolyte Miliband -- is to be even-handed and support neither. How appalling. The President of America should have immediately condemned in the strongest possible terms this brutal onslaught against people trying to claim their democratic rights, and supported them against injustice and oppression.

There are plenty of people in America and the world that have figured out the duplicity and deceit of this man I call the Magic Marxist Messiah. That is not a title of respect, but a sarcastic label of contempt. I actually think that Melanie may be slightly wrong in her belief that Obama had nothing to do with triggering both the Lebanese rejection of the Islamo-fascists, Hezbollah, and the huge crowds in the streets of Iran. It is the recognition that Obama is an enemy and his rule in America has left them alone. They must stand up for themselves because Obama cannot be trusted to stand on the side of right and the cause of global democracy.

But in all this ferment, Obama stands exposed. Everywhere his strategy of abasement to tyranny is going belly-up. Korea test-fired its nukes and gave Washington the finger. And of course the flip-side of the grovelling to America’s enemies is his arm-lock on its ally. Having been so conspicuously even-handed in Iran between tyranny and resistance, there is one area where Obama is not being even-handed. It is only towards Israel, the prospective victim of Iranian genocidal and potentially nuclear aggression, that Obama is playing the heavy and making demands that he is making of no other country.

And now Israel is also fighting back. Netanyahu’s adroit challenge to the Palestinians to accept Israel’s existence as a Jewish state immediately laid bare Palestinian rejectionism -- and has now put Obama in the position of forcing Israel to bring into being a state which rests on the belief that Israel should be destroyed.

Another writer who exposes the deceitful program of real politics being practiced by Obama is Robert Kagan and his great article Obama, Siding With the Regime.

No one expected the Israelis to stand up to Obama. They did. No one expected the Lebanese to stand up to Hezbollah. They did. No one expected the Iranian people to go to the streets and risk death for freedom. They did. Is there any leader in America who can surprise those of us who still care about freedom and actualy stand up for freedom here? Is there a leader who can practice the same display of courage we see around us in the world?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Civil War In Iran

Life in Iran for its citizens is exactly how life in America will become if the Magic Marxist Messiah has his way.

These pictures show what it takes to end a socialist nation's grip on power. Though America has interfered in Iran before (the last time by Jimmy Carter to install the tyranny they currently live under) Obama seems to feel no concern for what is happening in the streets of Iran. Actually, he is probably the single most important cause of the riots according to one blogger from Tehran. He says the fear that America will never help while Obama is in charge is a significant contributor to the hopelessness that is fueling these riots.

There are only two questions. How many will die and whether their deaths will accomplish something good immediately or simply be a down payment in mankind's ongoing quest for freedom? Some say we need to pray for peace. I say... pray for freedom.

“Conservatives” Are Single-Largest
Ideological Group

by Staff - June 15th, 2009 - Gallup

Thus far in 2009, 40% of Americans interviewed in national Gallup Poll surveys describe their political views as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal. This represents a slight increase for conservatism in the U.S. since 2008, returning it to a level last seen in 2004. The 21% calling themselves liberal is in line with findings throughout this decade, but is up from the 1990s.

These results are interesting when put side by side by with some other data that is related to this self assessment conducted by Gallup.

The Main Stream Media - by 3 to 1 in their articles - constantly and virulently criticizes conservatives and Republicans. This negative stereotyping creates a bias against these two groups that reduces the willingness of many to acknowledge their true feelings, even in anonymous polls such as these. They call themselves moderates when they are conservatives, so it is likely that conservatives constitute a greater percentage than the poll indicates. The question is, how much does it change the results?

Simultaneously, there is a large bias among many liberals and progressives to dispute they agree with totalitarian oriented philosophies associated with liberals which are in conflict with America's natural tendency towards freedom. People claim to be moderates when they are really liberal or very liberal. This is known by the constant complaint of liberals about conservative stereotyping. Thus moderates are over represented and liberals underrepresented. The question is, how much does it change the results?

I would love to see a more detailed breakdown of the "moderate" data. How many of the group called "moderates" actually lean liberal or lean conservative? In my personal discussions with people who claim to be moderate, it appears biased towards liberal. I believe this is mostly due to the fear of stereotyping by conservatives of the liberal propensity towards totalitarian excesses which I noted above. However the press' negative attacks on conservatives is a factor that could outweigh this.

It would be interesting to see if these propensities could be successfully exposed by the wording of questions so that more accurate results could be obtained.

My final frustration with these polls is the result indicated by the number of self-identified conservatives and moderates who are registered as Democrats. I believe three factors lead to this result.

One is the huge number of local governments in America which are dominated by one-party-rule, almost always Democrats. You thus have to register as Democrat to vote in the Democrat primaries.

The second is the traditional bias against Republicans in the South. People whose parents and grandparents were Democrats because they were racist, continue to vote Democrat even though the party is ruled by people they are totally against philosophically. They are not racist any longer, but neither are they in alignment with liberal control of the party. These conservatives who stay in the Democrat Party are essentially voluntarily reducing their own ability to elect people who they agree with by staying in a party that they do not and cannot influence.

The third factor is the number of people who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal who simply will not align themselves with Republicans due to the intolerance of social conservatives on key social issues.

Democrats benefit from these three factors and are unlikely to lose this political advantage any time soon.

Reading these poll results leads to a better understanding of why we have reached a point where we are a fifty-fifty nation. It also explains why neither party is able to appeal just to its base and stay in office for long. The whole issue of conservative versus liberal is complex and not easily understood.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Criminally Useful Idiocy

by Paul Mirengoff - June 13th, 2009 - Powerline

... Obama has praised an election that appears to have been a travesty. It's difficult to see how either Iran's rulers or its dissidents can view him as other than a fool -- usefully so in the case of the rulers; criminally so in the case of the dissidents.

How much longer will the majority of Americans fail to see through our narcissistic charlatan President? How did such a man with so few accomplishments ever persuade 52% of America that he was the best candidate to lead us during a time of war?

Just Make Stuff Up

by Victor Davis Hanson - June 12th, 2009 - National Review

In the first six months of the Obama administration, we have witnessed an assault on the truth of a magnitude not seen since the Nixon Watergate years. The prevarication is ironic given the Obama campaign’s accusations that the Bush years were not transparent and that Hillary Clinton, like her husband, was a chronic fabricator. Remember Obama’s own assertions that he was a “student of history” and that “words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up.”

Yet Obama’s war against veracity is multifaceted.

This is an article that needed to be written, and Victor Davis Hanson is the best man to write it. His own historical accuracy is well known. In addition he has analyzed Obama with a great appreciation of the similarities between his actions and the actions of former leaders. It is an excellent repudiation of the Obama creed.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Naturalism Has Been Hijacked

Man is not a cancer on the planet.

by George Ball - June 13th, 2009 - Wall Street Journal

According to scientist and futurist Raymond Kurzweil, the coming technological-evolutionary quantum leap, known as the Singularity, will erase the line between human beings and technology. He maintains that technology's exponential progress will result in part-human, part-machine beings with infinitely greater brain power and life-spans approaching immortality.

Mr. Kurzweil envisions the time, if a body part fails, one need only grab its replacement from the pantry and snap it in place. Already, lawyers are busy devising the constitutional framework for a post-human future, in view of the shifting nature of what comprises a human being. The classic paradox comes to mind: Once the knife's blade and handle are each replaced several times, is it still the same knife? Once all your parts have been replaced a few times, are you still you?

This is an intriguing article. As the article notes, there are many environmental groups that are truly irrational. Though he did not name them specifically, he did describe some of the views of extremists such as the people from PETA, whose founder has as her goal the eradication of humans from the planet. In the meantime she wants to wipe out free enterprise and replace it with an ant like socialism as our form of government.

Whenever I talk with someone who defends socialism, I think of Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of PETA, and her insane ideas. Yet America voted to adopt socialism in the last election. Will they vote to eradicate mankind in some coming election?

What I have long thought was our best chance to promote freedom and free enterprise was the Republican Party. Yet the majority of that party bought in to the 'compassionate communism' of Karl Rove and George Bush. Now, the social conservatives are insisting that the party has to expel anyone who does not subscribe to their so-called 'Christian' belief that life begins at conception. Their form of 'Christian Charity' is to hurl insults and vitriolic denunciations at you. You can accept 100% of the fiscal conservative philosophy and 90% of the social conservative philosophy and you are still what they love to call a RINO. Republican in name only. And they spew greater hate at a RINO than they feel justified in using against Marxists who want to shut down Christianity entirely.

America has gone insane, as indicated by the beliefs of the enviro-extremists of the Democrat party. The Republican Party has gone insane as indicated by the beliefs of the pro-life-extremists.

George Ball has written an excellent article pointing out the insanity of the left that is losing them support. It merely reminded me of the insanity on the right that is as easily denounced. Where do you go to find sanity when the majority of both the left and right has gone insane? My view is that many are rejecting both the left and right and becoming independents for that reason. They are certainly registering as independents. Both Democrats and Republicans are losing registration in huge numbers.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome Back, Carter

by Ann Coulter - June 10th, 2009 - Human Events

Well, I'm glad that's over! Now that our silver-tongued president has gone to Cairo to soothe Muslims' hurt feelings, they love us again! Muslims in Pakistan expressed their appreciation for President Barack Obama's speech by bombing a fancy hotel in Peshawar this week.

Operating on the liberal premise that what Arabs really respect is weakness, Obama listed, incorrectly, Muslims' historical contributions to mankind, such as algebra (actually that was the ancient Babylonians), the compass (that was the Chinese), pens (the Chinese again) and medical discoveries (huh?).

But why be picky? All these inventions came in mighty handy on Sept. 11, 2001! Thanks, Muslims!!

I love Ann Coulter. She is funny. However since she is also smart I can see why liberals hate to compete with her wit. It is easier just to smear her.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama Continues Bush's 2nd Term

-- Badly

by John Bolton - June 10th, 2009 - Washington Times

Former President George W. Bush's mistakes resulted from sleep-walking away from conservative values, whereas President Obama openly repudiates them, both believing in and fully understanding what he is doing. Accordingly, conservatives need engage in no "agonizing reappraisals" of their fundamental views. They need to adjust to being in opposition, but that is the purest kind of opportunity, not a burden. Mr. Obama's wearying and unpresidential refrain of blaming his predecessor is implicitly a trap, an effort to entice us to reflexively defend the Bush administration. Instead, we should forthrightly explain where Mr. Bush went wrong, when he did, repudiating his errors as cheerily as Mr. Obama does, and then, agreeably to conservative principles, just as cheerily critiquing Mr. Obama's even more egregious mistakes.

The fact that Obama DOES NOT see himself representing America is the major problem. Obama sees his role as mediating the differences between America and the world. That is why he is so willing to apologize repeatedly for any shortcoming that others see in our behavior, even when the criticism is unfair. Obama just does not get that his role is not to affirm their view to mediate differences, but to defend our view and our nation. He was elected President of the United States of America, not Premier of Global Socialism. Though I suspect he does not agree. He actually thinks of himself as a citizen of the world, not President of the United States.

Bolton does a good job of summarizing the conservative principles that should guide foreign policy and a good strategy to defeat this man, who if not an enemy, is certainly not representing our nation effectively.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

When The Extreme
Becomes The Norm

by Christopher Hitchens - June 8th, 2009 - Slate

The same near-masochistic insistence on taking the extreme as the norm was also present in Obama's smoothly delivered speech in the Egyptian capital. Some of what he said was well-intentioned if ill-informed. The United States should not have overthrown the elected government of Iran in 1953, but when it did so, it used bribed mullahs and ayatollahs to whip up anti-Communist sentiment against a secular regime. The John Adams administration in the 1796 Treaty of Tripoli did indeed proclaim that the United States had no quarrel with Islam as such (and, even more important, that the United States itself was in no sense a Christian nation), but the treaty failed to stop the Barbary states from invoking the Quran as permission to kidnap and enslave travelers on the high seas, and thus Thomas Jefferson was later compelled to send a fleet and the Marines to put down the trade. One hopes that Obama does not prefer Adams to Jefferson in this regard.

I find it interesting that only Christopher Hitchens, the one liberal truly dedicated to freedom, seems enraged at the stupid process of letting the most extreme Islamic prisoners take control of life for all prisoneres in our camp at Guantanamo. Hitchens is a liberal, but of the old school. Old style liberals are as dedicated to freedom as conservatives claim to be. Yet this article by Hitchens is the first to note the absolutely stupid process by which we have allowed the most radical of the extremists to use our own prison camps as an indoctrination camp for radical Islam.

Surely this stupidity indicates one reason we are having such difficulty winning this war. Our leaders, from the inarticulate retard George W. Bush, to the Magic Marxist Messiah Barack H. Obama, do not have a clue what it will take to win this war.

Holder Winks At Voter Intimidation

by Hans A. Von Spakovsky - June 9th, 2009 - Wall Street Journal

Under the Voting Rights Act, the Department of Justice is charged with protecting voters, no matter what their racial or ethnic background. Under the Help America Vote Act and the National Voter Registration Act, the department is also charged with securing the integrity of the voter registration process. In just the first five months of this administration Justice seems to be moving as fast as it can to defeat that charge.

Democrats have a comprehensive plan to subvert Democracy in America. Through voter intimidation, fraudulent registration and subversion of free speech, Democrats are actively implementing the Saul Alinsky plan to take over America by abuse of the democratic process. It is one more reason for my active campaign to demand that anyone who pretends to be a leader in the Republican Party MUST read Rules for Radicals. How can you defeat an opponent when you are clueless as to their motivations and tactics?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Fossil Fuel Myths

I continue to be frustrated at the stubborn refusal by enviro extremists to acknowledge 'fossil fuels' are a myth. Many scientists share my frustration. Over 60 years ago Russian and Ukrainian scientists provided a theory, and a proof of that theory, that some natural gas and oil were naturally occurring since they had been found in the earth's Archeozoic rock formations. They proved that a combination of iron oxides and calcium carbonates under pressure and heat produce oil. These fuels, oil and natural gas, were created in the Archeozoic formations well before any plants or animals existed on Earth. Thus these fuels were not and could not have derived from fossils.

Though this doesn't prove that some oil might not be from an alternative source such as fossils, it certainly does prove that the claim oil primarily came from fossils is gibberish. To date, no one has actually successfully provided a single proof that the theory behind the term fossil fuels actually happened. As far as I am concerned, that makes it a myth. Because it is certainly true that scientists have been trying to prove this for centuries. It is significant that such proof eludes them.

Conversely, NASA proved conclusively in late 2006 that methane from non biologic sources exists on Saturn's moon Titan. Methane has been found in various other places around our solar system that could not have derived from biologic sources. If methane exists naturally all over the solar system, then the Russian proof of their theory oil is naturally created under the earth is enhanced. Oil, natural gas and methane are still being produced by natural processes that have nothing to do with fossils.

This is supported by real world experience.
Green Island in the Gulf of Mexico was a very successful oil field that was depleted by pumping the oil out. More than 20 years later it was discovered that the field had been more than replaced. More oil was discovered in the same oil formations than had existed at the time of the first discovery. It had, consistent with the Russian theory, been replaced by new oil forced up from great depths in the earth. All old fields are being replaced with new oil. Where is that oil coming from if not naturally from the depths of the earth?

Oil is a naturally occuring resource that is still being created today. Why is it that so many liberals-progressives-socialists and other non scientists simply reject the evidence that fossils as a source for our fuels is a myth? Could it have something to do with the fact that their goal has nothing to do with providing cheap energy for mankind and everything to do with political power over mankind? For that they need people to believe in the myth of scarcity so they can justify denying people a better life "for their own good."

Sunday, June 07, 2009

'Atlas Shrugged':
Ayn Rand Laughs;
The Rest Of Us Weep

by Frank Miele - June 6th, 2009 - Daily Interlake

"I will stop the motor of the world."

With those words, a charismatic hero was born. John Galt, the mysterious character at the heart of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged," decided that he could not stand idly by as the nation put on chains and fetters as if they were party favors.

Today, more than 50 years after the novel was written, Galt is offering hope to many Americans who see the country on a slow but steady slide toward socialism. As we talk about the government takeover of General Motors, it is educational to remember that the fictional Galt rose up out of the ashes of another car company, the Twentieth Century Motor Company, which like GM, ended up in bankruptcy.

Unintended consequences. Unintended consequences are the cause of all government failures. You cannot start with the concept that you can pass a law and make everyone become well intentioned and good... any more than you can legislate repeal of the 'law of gravity'. I have always been astounded that liberals-progressives-socialists-communists, say "well of course you can't repeal the law of gravity" and then they turn around and try to do just that by rephrasing the wording of the law to do it indirectly. As if that made any difference.

Liberals-etc always demand equal results through well intentioned laws. They never get equal results. They just get corruption. Chicago style politics is the essence of this farce.

This editorial by Frank Miele is his usual excellent summation of the happenings of the world. It is also an excellent summation of the theme of a great book, 'Atlas Shrugged'. Article by article Frank is becoming my second favorite writer after Thomas Sowell. I highly recommend Frank Miele.

Republicans Abolished Slavery
- June 7th, 1864

On this day in 1864, the Chairman of the Republican National Convention, Senator Edwin Morgan, opened the national convention. At the suggestion of President Abraham Lincoln (R-IL), he did so with a brief statement:
"The party of which you, gentlemen, are the delegated and honored representatives, will fall far short of accomplishing its great mission, unless among its other resolves it shall declare for such an amendment of the Constitution as will positively prohibit African slavery in the United States."

Inspired by Chairman Morgan's leadership, delegates made abolishing slavery part of the platform. And so, Republicans entered the 1864 presidential campaign determined to defeat the Democrats' pro-slavery policies once and for all. The 13th Amendment was passed by congressional Republicans seven months later and ratified within the year.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Barack Obama's True Feelings

There is no way to get inside someone's head, but their instant reaction to press accounts can give you some good evidence of where they are coming from. The Weekly Standard's John McCormack contrasts two statements by our President about the two killings that happened this week. Barack Obama said of the two killings:
"I am shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning. However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."

"I am deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence against two brave young soldiers who were doing their part to strengthen our armed forces and keep our country safe. I would like to wish Quinton Ezeagwula a speedy recovery, and to offer my condolences and prayers to William Long's family as they mourn the loss of their son."

Obama makes it clear that he is "shocked and outraged" by someone killing a doctor for disagreeing about abortion, yet he is only "deeply saddened" by a Muslim Jihadist killing one of America's soldiers and wounding another... so saddened Obama can't even bring himself to note what our enemy's motivations are or his claims that he wished he could have killed more of our troops. Obama immediately sprung in to action and sent FBI agents pouring out to protect abortion doctors. He did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in response to the murder of our military recruiter, William Long. NOTHING.

It is hard not to draw the conclusion that another murder of a military recruiter is something that Obama can live with, while another murder of an abortion doctor MUST be stopped.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Climate Change Reconsidered

by John Hinderaker - June 5th, 2009 - Powerline

An important event in the global warming debate occurred this week, with the release of Climate Change Reconsidered, an 880-page book produced by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. Climate Change Reconsidered is authored by Dr. Fred Singer and Dr. Craig Idso, with 35 additional contributors. The purpose of the book is to "present an authoritative and detailed rebuttal of the findings of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), on which the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress rely for their regulatory proposals." You can download it in its entirety at the linked site.

Here is more documentation of the overwhelming scientific evidence that man caused global warming is a political scam. Anyone who wants to do research on this issue can find all he needs in the Powerline book report which summarizes the evidence, or you can find more detailed backup at the book site linked above. In any event, man caused global warming is a LIE and that truth is becoming better known every day.

Barack Obama's
10 Mistakes In Cairo

by Toby Harnden - June 4th, 2009 - London Telegraph

Barack Obama's speech in Cairo was quite a moment. I say moment, but it lasted some 56 minutes and contained more than 6,000 words. Too long. Yes, he said a lot, ensuring to some extent that it could be all things to all people - almost everyone can take something away from it to feel good about.

That doesn't mean, however, that it was an effective speech. It was, of course, very well-delivered and contained many fine phrases. But we know that Obama can do this and he's subject to the law of diminishing returns. The more I think about it, the more potentially problematic I find the speech. Here, for starters, are 10 mistakes he made:

This is an extremely good synopsis of the speech. I suspect if you read the speech you will, as I, feel great discomfort at almost everything in it. It is, as usual for Obama, a speech that uses trite and inaccurate straw men to allow him to make his points. This article by Toby Harnden exposes the weakness of argument after argument which leads to discomfort for most of us. I highly recommend you click here to read his 10 points.

Some other thoughts about the speech were provided in the David Warren article called the Cairo Disaster.

It is the failure to acknowledge hard realities that makes Obama dangerous. As a wise Texan of my acquaintance put it, “he is attempting to model himself on Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator. But, it’s with a twist. He sees himself as the Great Mediator — the One who will step into every conflict around the globe, bring to bear his superior intelligence and teleprompted eloquence, and leave the parties in a warm embrace.”

Another old friend, the errant “neocon” David Frum, explained what is shocking in that Cairo speech: to find an American president no longer mediating domestic American conflicts, but rather, those between his own country and some of her deadliest enemies. This may be presented as “reaching out” but, in practice, it leaves his own side unchampioned, unrepresented, and in the end, undefended.

That was amazingly intelligent and it made some things so much clearer for me. It sums up much of my frustration about Obama. He does not see himself as the champion of America, but our mediator with the world. That is why Obama was just as willing to criticize America for anything that he sees as a shortcoming as he is to criticize the Islamo-fascists who attacked us.

He is above it all and smarter than everyone. He can apologize for America and mediate a compromise with our enemies at the same time. I believe his narcissistic arrogance and his failure to understand his obligations to our nation makes him unfit to be our President. He does not see himself as bound by our Constitutional limits on the President. Because he is above America. He represents the world, not just America. He can sneeringly condescend to us because he is better than us.

If you doubt it just ask him.

Deal To Sell Saturn
To Penske Reported

by Michael J. de la Merced and Micheline Maynard - June 5th, 2009 - New York Times

General Motors has agreed to sell its Saturn brand to Roger Penske, a major auto dealer, and a deal is expected to be announced on Friday, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said.


Under the terms of the deal, Mr. Penske, a former race car driver whose
Penske Automotive Group is one of the largest dealerships in the country, will initially buy Saturn vehicles from G.M. But he is expected to eventually buy cars from other carmakers like Renault, through its Samsung Motors Unit in Korea.

Penske buying Saturn is an amazing story. Every article I see calls Penske a major auto dealer. Auto dealer? I wonder if these writers have even talked with anyone who knows Roger Penske?

The Saturn line of cars was started by GM to build the same fuel efficient cars that Obama says he wants while using the management style pioneered by Americans during WW II (which became known as the Japanese style after W. Edwards Deming persuaded the Japanese to use it even as America abandoned it). Of course Saturn and the new style of management was not effective inside GM due to the TOTAL OPPOSITION of the UAW, who sabotaged it at every turn. It should have been huge. Now it has a chance to become huge. Why?

Roger Penske is not just a former race car driver. He is a legend. Using home built race cars, Roger took on the major European sports car racers of the early 1960s and beat them. He was an amazing driver, an amazing mechanic, an amazing engineer and an amazing businessman. Retiring from driving, as Team Manager he led the famous Chaparral Team of Jim Hall to total dominance of road racing for over a decade, always with creative and brilliantly engineered cars.

Yes he was successful as a car dealership owner (today ranked by Forbes as the #1 Most Admired Dealership Company in the world), but another success was his purchase of Hertz Truck Rentals. In a deal rumored to cost him nothing but his management talent, he turned a division losing money into a massively profitable corporation. His contract ultimately allowed him to take over ownership and rename it into Penske Leasing. It is now part of the huge conglomerate
Penske Corporation.

Penske owns several major manufacturing corporations of automotive, components, including complete engines, and has proven that you can still manufacture here in America and make a profit. He is also a major provider of logistics management. In all of the years I have followed his career I never heard of Penske failing at anything he tried. Quite the opposite in fact, Penske always succeeds when everyone else fails.

You often hear of huge corporations that started in their garage at home. Penske is a multi-billion dollar corporation that literally did. Not just start in a garage but beat some of the world's greatest racers from that garage. And Penske is still at it. Winning this year's Indy 500 again, his record fifteenth Indy 500 victory, something no one else even approaches.

I doubt there is a more competitive individual of engineering and business brilliance anywhere in the world. And he is also well liked. Incredible combination. We may yet get to see what an American automotive company can do in the competitive world of 21st Century cars with Roger Penske running it. Don't be surprised if Saturn Cars is soon called Penske Cars.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I, Barack Obama

by Terence P. Jeffrey - June 3rd, 2009 - CNS News

President Obama used the first-person singular pronoun "I" 34 times on Monday when he announced he was nationalizing General Motors.

He used “Congress” once and “law” not at all.

As Obama described it, the government takeover of General Motors was Obama’s decision made for Obama’s reasons.

Nero could not have made a more Cesarean pronouncement than the self righteous proclamation made by Back Obama about the dismantling of the free enterprise system.

“Understand, we’re making these investments not because I want to spend the American people’s tax dollars, but because I want to protect them,” said I, Barack. “What we are doing--what I have no interest in doing--is running GM.”

Saul Alinsky would be so proud. Deny what you are doing and insist your goals are the opposite of what you truly intend. This is the essence of the Alinsky method. How many more times can the Magic Marxist Messiah make such obviously deceitful claims before the MSM stops allowing him a pass? Actually, he can do it forever, since the MSM is totally aligned with the concept of making America the leading socialist nation in the world. Obama owns the MSM just like he owns GM.

“And I want to remind everyone that if you are considering buying a GM car during this period of restructuring, your warranties will be safe and government-backed,” said Obama

I wonder how the Ford Motor Company and its many dealerships in America feel, knowing that their tax dollars are going to pay for the warranties of the cars sold by their competitor down the street?

Is this a wakeup call yet? Will the Cesarean arrogance of this pronouncement be enough? Or will the continuation of the "Barack Obama apologizes for evil America" speech today in Egypt tip off the people who support him that Barack Obama hates our nation even though he thinks he rules our nation? Is there anything that will awaken the Democrats to realize the evil monster they have unleashed? Or do Democrats crave power so much that they will destroy America to rule?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Obama Motors
Is Private Company

In the latest bizarre pronouncement on the nationalization of our auto industry, the CFO of Obama Motors, or rather I guess that should be officially, 'General Motors' (the new one, not the old one), has announced that since it is owned by a few limited stockholders it is now a private company and will no longer share its financial status with the public. On Tuesday, Ray Young, GM chief financial officer in the new 'General Motors' said, "As a privately held company... we're not going to disclose information except to the shareholders."

Yes. That is right. Just because America owns 60% and Canada owns 12.5% of this new corporation, these governments do not consider that their citizens have any right to know how the new company, in whose stock billions of public dollars have been invested, is performing. This new company is private and the citizens of both countries need to shut up and butt out.

The real winner in this bailout is the UAW. Want to know how good a deal they get? For their $10 billion in obligations for bonds, health care and pensions against the old corporation (something that bankruptcy normally wipes out as "unsecured" obligations) the UAW gets a golden deal that preserves them nearly whole. First they get $2.5 billion in new bonds, with interest and senior bond status. Next they get two classes of stock. One is preferred stock in the amount of $6.5 billion, which like their bonds provides the UAW with interest payments that no other debt holders from the old corporation will get. Finally they get 17.5% of the common stock in the new company. Since they are getting $9 billion in new debt, they are obviously getting that 17.5% of new common stock for wiping out $1 billion in old debt. That is the difference between the debt the new corporation owes them and the debt the old corporation owed them.

What a deal. Compare that with the secured and unsecured creditors in the old corporation, many of whom by law are supposed to be in line in front of the UAW. These old bond holders are getting 10% of the corporation for $27 billion in old debt. They get NO bonds or preferred stock in the new corporation.

The UAW is thus paying $57 million for each 1% of new common stock and the old bond holders are paying $2.7 billion for each 1% of new common stock. Plus the old bond holders are being pushed to the back of the line behind the UAW even though our laws say they should be in front.

How can this happen in a nation that pretends to believe in the rule of law? The UAW was a huge contributor to Obama and there is actually precedent for this new standard. In Obama's Chicago it is called "pay for play" and has long been practiced there. It used to be called corruption before 'hope' and 'change' came to the Presidency. The 'hope' is that more campaign contributions will flow to the Democrats in power since the 'change' is legalizing "pay for play".

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The State Despotic

by Mark Steyn - June 1st, 2009 - The New Criterion

To the new Administration, American exceptionalism means an exceptional effort to harness an exceptionally big government in the cause of exceptionally massive spending. The can-do spirit means Ty’Sheoma Bethea can do with some government money: A high-school student in Dillon, South Carolina, Miss Bethea wrote to the President to ask him to do something about the peeling paint in her classroom. He read the letter out approvingly in a televised address to Congress.


Today, very little stands between the individual and the sovereign, which is why schoolgirls in Dillon, South Carolina think it entirely normal to beseech Good King Barack the Hopeychanger to do something about classroom maintenance.

The problem in America today is that so many of our citizens wait for government to take care of them. They think working actively to have government do it for you constitutes a can-do spirit. "Please Mr. President, will you paint my classroom?" They have never heard of Tocqueville and, much much worse, they do not recognize the America that he loved and lauded. Nothing in their experience prepares them for the idea that can-do means get off your lazy butt and fix it yourself. Get involved.

Even if they do "get involved" it is only to curse out others who don't agree with them on every single issue. That is America today, and the Republican Party today. My way. My way. Me, me, me.

The freedom being thrown away in this orgy of self indulgence will never be recovered. Our founders feared mobocracy and mobocracy is what we have attained. The Republic is dead.

Muslim Convert
Kills American Troops

Officials Probe Shooting At Recruitment Center (AP title for article)

by Staff - June 1st, 2009 - Associated Press

A man with "political and religious motives" killed a soldier just out of basic training and wounded another Monday in a targeted attack on a military recruiting center, police said. The shootings were not believed to be part of a broader scheme.

This last is categorically a lie, but is supportive of the deceit implied in the title's failure to mention that the killer is a Muslim convert. Clearly he is part of the broader scheme known as Islamo-fascism. However the MSM hates the idea that just because they want us dead and just because they actually take actions to kill us that Islam is a religion of war, not peace.

Idiocy and insanity.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Blood In The Streets

Two articles today have caused me a great deal of concern as it becomes more and more obvious that in excess of half our nation has lost belief in America and our social fabric is starting to unravel.

These articles are
Abortion Doctor Tiller Killed and Two military recruiters shot in Little Rock.

Combine that with Obama's arrogant freeing of the Black Panther militants who intimidated white voters in the last election and you start to wonder what can anyone believe? There is no justice in the American Courts, our voters have abandoned freedom based capitalism to accept the failed system of socialism and Obama is paying off union campaign contributions with two totally corrupt bankruptcy filings. Obama has bankrupted America in 110 days and has the audacity to complain "we are out of money now." And Obama goes on a date to New York. Has any President ever before just shut down major parts of an American city just to party? What is happening is insane.

There will be hell to pay if the average American stops believing our nation is basically just and they understand the rules. If there is nothing being retained of what made us great in this orgy of Democrat Change, everyone can decide they might as well start killing their neighbors. The Main Stream Media insists that conservatives and Republicans are finished. So why not tear the country down while we can. We have nothing to lose.

Isn't there plenty of justification to make sure some of this is Democrat blood?