Friday, April 29, 2011

Myths, Lies And Cover-ups

The myth of Barack Hussein Obama, II has long been promulgated by those on the left, repeating the story told by Obama in his autobiography. This same myth was endlessly repeated on the campaign trail.

It was such a magnificent myth.

Obama's father was a goatherder, who heard a powerful speech by President John F. Kennedy about the civil rights movement in America. In response he came here in an airlift organized by that martyred President to find a better life for himself and his nation of Kenya. He married Stanley Ann Dunham, and lived with her until his son was 2 years old. It was according to Obama, a marriage of love and vision. "My parents shared not only an improbable love, they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation."

This myth is now known to be a total amalgam of lies. The birth certificate Obama II has finally provided, after years of his typical deceit and denial, is the final proof needed to destroy the myth.

The reality is that Obama Sr. came to America long before John F. Kennedy was President. Dwight Eisenhower still had that job when Obama Sr. arrived. Obama Sr. was never a goatherder, but was a clerk in Kenyan government offices. He came here not under some tutelage from a Kennedy airlift, but as a private student. His funding was wealthy people who were giving Africans special advantages out of guilt, government grants from Kenya, along with the American taxpayer's money.

Obama Sr. was a womanizer who sought an American wife to prohibit being expelled. There is still no record of the claimed marriage, but many records, including the newly released birth certificate, proved that the couple never lived together. Ann lived with her parents, while Obama Sr. lived separately. His acquaintances of the time do not remember any relationship, much less a marriage. No surprise. He was known to be married with children in Kenya and the marriage was a crime of bigamy for Obama Sr. After the fact, he told the University of Hawaii the lie that he had divorced his Kenyan wife. It is claimed he also told Ann this lie. "Anarchist Ann" (her early nick name) was 3 months pregnant when the marriage supposedly took place.

Immediately after Obama II was born, Ann moved to Seattle Washington to attend University there and did not return until after Obama Sr. had left Hawaii to attend Harvard. After the birth they were never together again before their divorce. Barrack Sr. did not leave his son, Barack II when he was 2 years old. He abandoned him at birth. And note the spelling with two 'r's for the father, indicating perhaps that Ann did not even know how the father's name was correctly spelled when she named her son.

There was never an "improbable love". There was never an "abiding faith". Except perhaps a contempt for America that Ann and Barrack Sr. exhibited in the left wing extremist world of socialists and communists in which they both moved. The same world in which Ann raised her son.

It is now clear that the cover-up (Obama II spent over $1 million in legal fees hiding the birth certificate) was never anything more complicated than the cover-up of his appalling willingness to lie to the American people. The myth was a lie. The cover-up was an even more contemptible and arrogant lie. Both are typical of his continuing lies on almost every issue that comes up, very much like his father. That truth is what Obama II wanted to cover-up. Even a complicit press can not hide that now.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama’s Birth Certificate
Proved Americans Are Powerless

by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro  - April 27th 2011 - Big Journalism

Many Americans were shocked yesterday when President Obama finally released his long form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii. The real surprise however is that for the past three years our democratic institutions did not address the matter.

The press refused to tackle this issue with the same investigative drive with which they did investigate Watergate, President Clinton’s alleged indiscretions and the Bush administration’s missteps in Iraq – the courts declined to hear a single case on the issue, and the Congress failed to hold any hearings on the matter. Perhaps the saddest part of this story is its ending.

President Obama did not release the birth certificate because the media pressured him or because the courts actually listened to one of the many cases that were filed. He released it because an obsessed billionaire threatened his electability in 2012, which forces us to ask the question – what good are our democratic institutions if they don’t stand up for the people?

The answer to that question is simple - our institutions have become useless and have no interest in defending the freedom of our citizens. The courts in America are a fraud. The press is overwhelmingly dominated by America hating progressives. Congress is indifferent to the citizens who elect them as both parties have been coopted into a beltway culture of corruption.

The clear definition of the term "natural born citizen" was documented in the Federalist Papers. Our President must be a "natural born citizen" as our Constitution proclims. Nothing has happened in the interim to change that definition save that one of our major parties, the Democrats, are adamantly determined that it should no longer apply in their global socialist utopia. Because that definition means, someone born on our soil of parents who are both citizens at the time of birth. That conflicts with the Democrat movement to be citizens of the world.

As a result of intimidation and coercion, the socialists of the Democrat Party have succeeded in having that "natural born citizen" requirement for President thrown out of our Constitution without the people having any say in the matter. The election of Barack Hussein Obama, II is simply the final nail in the coffin of that previously ruling document that all officers in our nation swear an oath to uphold. None do.

Today America has no Constitution. Ruling power comes from a gun. Whenever that happens it always winds up with the ultimate power being decided by blood in the streets. Sadly, that day comes closer with each abuse of power by the Dictator (not President), Barack Obama.

Obama's 'Bemusement'

by Robert Parker - April 28th, 2011 - The American Thinker

Detached "bemusement" at other people's struggles is nothing new to Obama. In his remarkably detached autobiography, he wrote with delight (at page four) about how he much "enjoyed" humiliating "white people."


Obama has quietly smirked his "bemusement" for more than two years as Americans noticed his hidden life records, from birth through his transcripts from high school through law school, his multiple names, and passport records of his travels to Pakistan and beyond. Playing right along, the media has ignored the story of the Marxist professors, associates and mentors he admits he "sought out," and of his intimacy with his terrorist literary ghost writer buddy (Bill Ayers) who posed trampling on an American flag in an alley after the attacks of 9/11.

Obama must be bemused at the media‘s utter disinterest in his maniacally raving anti-American black racist pastor, his chosen church's "Black Value System" (as nastily segregationist as anything George Wallace ever supported in his worst moments).

What other President has ever proclaimed his childhood dream to rule ANOTHER land, as Obama did when he told people of his dream to be the Prime Minister of Indonesia?

This writer may see it as bemusement. I see it as contempt. In everything he does and says, Obama signals his total contempt for the nation he is supposed to lead. Those who support him are not unaware of his contempt for America. They share his contempt. They share his desire to bring America down.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barack Obama’s
"Leading From Behind'
Foreign Policy

No wonder the US president looks weak and confused

by Nile Gardiner - April 26th, 2011 - The London Telegraph

“Leading from behind” would normally be a damning charge made against a Commander-in-Chief at a time of war by his political opponents. But within the Obama presidency it is bizarrely worn as a badge of honour, and is the term used to describe the president’s handling of the Libya issue by one of his own advisers (who remains unnamed) in an extraordinary interview with The New Yorker this week.


The Obama White House must be the first US presidency in living memory that actually prides itself on following rather than leading on the world stage. As even Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski noted in the same New Yorker article, President Obama “doesn’t strategize. He sermonizes.” That’s a pretty strong indictment from one of the most influential Democrats in the world of US foreign policy, and himself a former adviser to Obama.

Is it any wonder that the United States, the world’s only superpower, is increasingly viewed as weak and confused?

It is of course exactly what many predicted since before the Magic Marxist Messiah was elected. No one could have believed the delusional grandeur Barack Obama claimed as his mantel. As a man who had always been a 'community organizer', not a leader, the lack of leadership is not something that surprises some of those who opposed him.

It is exactly what anyone who was paying attention should have expected.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Political Payback

– Oregon Style

by Paul Driessen - April 23rd, 2011 -

Confused visitors will be forgiven for thinking Oregon State University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Congressman Pete DeFazio and the “progressive-socialist” wing of the Democratic Party. Or for likening what’s going on there to political retribution as practiced in Third World thugocracies.

The idea that three outstanding students – PhD candidates at OSU – could face dismissal, and worse, shortly before receiving their degrees, is simply shocking. That this could be happening because their father had the temerity to challenge an entrenched 12-term Democratic congressman (and OSU earmark purveyor) could make people think the university is in Zimbabwe, not America.

This story is infuriating. It is a perfect example of the hatred that flows from those who embrace the progressive ideology. The constant Alinsky smears, the double standard with which they practice the techniques of intimidation and denial of free speech to others, the hate filled demonstrations and the deceit in abusing government power, all prove that there is no justice possible when they are in power. Once they get in power, as Pete DeFazio has, they have no qualms about abusing that power to retain tyrannical control.

That this is coming out is good. The same abuses occur constantly and are never heard about. That is the real shame in this story. Conservatives cannot get degrees on most college campuses because of the aggressive political actions of progressives. The denial of advanced degrees is followed by the rejection of hiring conservatives for professorships, and the refusal to permit them to acquire tenure in those rare occasions they get past the progressive gauntlet.

It is also the reason that many white Americans cannot get ahead. Preference is given to minorities and foreigners. It has passed being affirmative action and has become all out war against white males.

Pastor Terry Jones Released
From Custody After
His Bond Is Posted

by Staff - April 21st, 2011 - WXYZ TV (ABC Affiliate)

Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad... took the stand to testify. Chief Haddad denied the permit request that would allow the protest to take place outside of the mosque. He testified that there were concerns over safety.

[Pastor] Terry Jones also questioned Chief Haddad. He referred to a conversation he had with the Chief and asked him what his impression was after they had met. Chief Haddad responded that Jones was cordial and did not appear to be violent in nature.


Jones... said the reason he and Sapp would not protest at the court house is because they are not protesting American laws. He says he wants to protest at the Islamic Center of America because that is the right venue for his protest, which is against radical Islam.

Then, addressing arguments about the traffic problem, Jones asked is that a "good enough" reason to "deny someone' rights?"

After Jones wrapped up his closing argument, his associate Wayne Sapp gave his. He began by saying that the prosecution was arguing that their actions were intending to breach the peace. However, he said all of the evidence prosecutors have presented is about the actions of others. He said the jury must judge the case on their actions and not those of others.

Sapp then referenced a video presented by prosecutors as evidence, saying it did not show any violence either by them or on their behalf.

However the gutless jury did not accept this argument. They convicted Pastor Jones for inciting violence based on the planned actions of the Muslims - who threatened to riot if Pastor Jones was not denied the same right to speak as the Muslims demand for themselves.

We have arrived at the most incredible state in our nation. A complete double standard.

If Democrats throw pies at Ann Coulter when she tries to speak peaceably, she is denied the right to speak.

Government officials deny any group the right to interfere with Democrat speakers, and even deny Ann Coulter the right to speak because it will hypothetically incite others to harm those who agree with her based on the prior violence of her opponents.

If Muslims threaten violence against Pastor Jones for peacefully demonstrating against the violence in their religion, he is denied the right to protest.

Muslims are protected to assure they can demonstrate anywhere they want.

If Muslims burn an American flag the government will send in the National Guard to assure no one interferes with their right to hate America.

If you burn a Koran they will send in the National Guard to bar you from offending the Muslims.

The double standard is intolerable. Democrats, through their progressive agenda, are destroying the rights of anyone who cherishes the good in our nation. Democrats are aligning themselves with anyone who wishes us harm. The Alinsky rules are not hard to follow. This double standard is one of them. The concept is to ridiculously use our own rules to destroy us. It is the motivation that Americans must wake up to. A majority of Democrats wish to destroy our nation. Those Democrats who do not wish to destroy our nation are just as contemptible as those who do since they empower the evil by refusing to see it.

The ruling by this jury is insane.

Democrats have declared war against our nation and it is time for those who oppose them to stop deluding themselves it is still 'just politics'.

Friday, April 22, 2011

About The Birth Certificate

by Benjamin Shapiro - April 22nd, 2011 - Front Page Magazine

Two days ago, Matt Drudge linked to a new book by Jerome Corsi, unflinchingly titled Where’s the Birth Certificate? The book immediately leapt to number one on, where it has remained ever since. The media has shown its usual incredulity at the indisputable stupidity of the American people. How could so many people question President Obama’s birthplace? How could they wonder about his origins? Are they all simply racist?

The answer, of course, is that Americans are desperately seeking an answer to a simple question: why does President Obama appear to be so un-American? The term un-American here is not synonymous with anti-American (though Obama has been that on occasion); instead, it merely signifies that President Obama is unconcerned with typical American principles and traditions. He sees capitalism as selfish and evil, religion as dangerous and oppressive; he sees the Constitution as antiquated and entrepreneurialism as exploitative. He is the representative of the Fareed Zakaria ideology at work, celebrating the post-American world.

When America elects a president like this, many Americans begin wondering how it happened.

This article is a book report summarizing the incredible question of why so many doubt our President was born here. The argument that it is not so much that his birth in Hawaii is questioned but that he does not represent our values is an intriguing argument.

Again and again people struggle with the idea of what motivates Obama. There is even a book that notes the rumor that Obama believed he would become the Prime Minister of Indonesia when he was growing up there. It supports both the idea that Obama has always been a malignant narcissist and that he is fundamentally not American.

This idea, that Obama is un-American, along with the search for clarity as to what he is and what motivates him, will never go away until the answer is understood. Of course to me there is an equally intriguing question. How can someone who so clearly represents un-American ideas be so passionately supported by people who simultaneously try to claim that they are patriots? Do they really not undersand why we doubt their patriotism when they so clearly attack what our nation stands for?

Obama To Implement
Gag Order By Decree

by Bill Wilson – April 18th, 2011 - Net Right Daily

... the Heritage Foundation’s Hans A. von Spakovsky, a former Federal Election Commissioner, broke a story for Pajamas Media about a draft executive order by the White House to compel companies, their directors, and officers to disclose donations to candidates, parties, campaign committees, and non-profit groups that make independent expenditures during an election cycle.

The clear intent is to silence those who make political contributions not acceptable to the Obama regime. It exempts unions and organizations like Planned Parenthood that are Democrat front groups. Only those who might be disposed to support free enterprise are targeted. As usual, Obama is simply writing this new law and implementing it by "executive order", the process by which Obama bypasses the legislature and rules without challenge. We used to call that dictatorship.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palin Wows Wisconsin Tea Partiers
With Blistering Speech

To the 'Community Divider' Obama:

‘You Ignored Us in 2010, You Cannot Ignore Us in 2012′

Sarah Palin proves she can still arouse the American spirit with a powerful speech in the heartland of America. I highly recommend this link.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boehner: Next Fight To Be
About Trillions, Not Billions

by John Boehner - April 11th, 2011 - USA Today

This week, Congress is moving toward approval of an agreement on the largest spending cut in history to help begin to create a better environment for private-sector job growth.


But the agreement is far from perfect, and we need to do much more if we're serious about creating new jobs, fixing our spending-driven debt crisis, and ending the uncertainty that continues to plague our economy.

That's why this week, we'll advance our fight from saving billions of dollars to saving trillions of dollars...

Obama has already indicated that he plans to change the dialog to one, not of cutting spending, but of soaking the rich. The Obama program has not changed.

It starts with raising taxes on small business while giving his big corporation donors increased corporate welfare and exemptions, uses renewed smoke and mirrors to hide the incredible future costs of his increased spending on health care, provides special privileges for union thugs and their leaders and finishes with agressive simulus spending paired with rampant printing of money to fuel an inflation driven economic recovery. Even the fraudulent job numbers currently being touted indicate Obama has no plans to deal with reality.

Wednesday night will be all theatre, few specifics, grand generalities and a return to his standard technique of replacing action with teleprompter based rhetoric.

However it is clear that some in the Republican Party will not tolerate this plan. Boehner and Ryan have thrown down the gauntlet. Stop fiddling. We need action on the trillions being wasted. The time for action, not rhetoric, is now. It will be interesting to see if the American people have the courage to follow the adults - and support them.

5 Things That Will Happen To You
When America Goes Bankrupt

by John Hawkins - April 12th, 2011 -

"Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Does it seem too strong to call the way America deals with its debt "madness?" If not madness, then what? Denial? An addiction? However you phrase it, we're a country that's in deep trouble, but so many of us seem unable to deal with it.

Liberals in this country, for the most part, will admit that we're running up "unsustainable" deficits. Yet, these same liberals adamantly oppose any and all serious efforts to do anything about it.

It is sad when a nation of greatness descends into poverty. Prolonged success by others - which is allowed to be "shared with all" - leaves many with delusions that cannot be overcome. Delusions like "it can't happen here." Every great nation that has failed was deluded until the very end with that belief. For forty years America has tried to buy a continuation of our national success by deluded efforts.

That is why when the 'educrats' insisted that the reason our schools were failing was lack of funds - we simply threw money at the problem. In forty years we have tripled the real value of the money we spend on education. At no time in that forty years has there been any indication that the problem was turning around. It has continuously gotten worse. When are the parents going to stop saying "I like my children's teachers" and say "these idiots are failing my kids and I will not tolerate it any longer."

Until he started gassing Jews and Poles and Slavs and Gypsies, Adolf Hitler was considered to be a likable charismatic genius. He was always deranged. He simply said what people wanted to hear. Just as the Democrats keep saying what people want to hear today. One of the greatest ironies of our times is when the socialists of the Democrat Party slander Republicans with the accusation they are like the socialist Hitler. Hitler was a socialist! Hitler was among those who insisted "it can't happen here. Trust me." Yet those of today who are following the Hitler play book are screaming that those who reject his ideology are "like Hitler."

There must be some logic in there somewhere but I do not see it.

We are failing. We are creating the same destruction of wealth processes that drove Germany to a dictator. We reject reality and hold desperately to our delusions. This article is a rational assessment of our insanity and yet the majority who read it will denounce it rather than learn from it.

How do we get through to those who have spent their entire lives living on the dole of their parents and the richest nation on earth. They do not have a clue what is happening. Brutal reality is never far from even the safest of worlds.

As the article concludes, "It's not a lot of fun to be poor under the best of circumstances, but it's much worse to go from having a comfortable life with a bright future to growing vegetables to eat in the backyard and wondering how you're going to keep warm in the winter."

Monday, April 11, 2011

What Happens When The Great Fantasies,
Like Wind Power Or European Union,
Collide With Reality?

by Christopher Booker - April 9th, 2011 - London Telegraph

When we embark on a course of action which is unconsciously driven by wishful thinking, all may seem to go well for a time, in what may be called the “dream stage”. But because this make-believe can never be reconciled with reality, it leads to a “frustration stage” as things start to go wrong, prompting a more determined effort to keep the fantasy in being. As reality presses in, it leads to a “nightmare stage” as everything goes wrong, culminating in an “explosion into reality”, when the fantasy finally falls apart.

Recent events show us two huge examples of this cycle moving to its final stages. One is the belief, which took hold 20 years ago, that the world was in the grip of runaway global warming, caused by our emissions of greenhouse gases.

Excellent article. The data proving false the hypothesis that CO2 is causing warming is very important. Foremost because this article uses the manipulated and corrupt data of the global warming extremists and the hypothesis still falls apart. The article does not even address the related argument that the data itself is rigged to support the hypothesis.

The concept of global warming is so ridiculous that not even fraudulent data by its supporters can prove the concept valid.

Obama To America: Sell Your SUVs

... You Fat Refrigerated Slobs

by John Hayward - April 7th, 2011 - Human Events

Government Motors is planning to roll out a minivan version of the Chevy Volt, which is one of the most expensive disasters in automotive history – millions in subsidies to produce a car that had sold less than a thousand units as of March 2011. The best selling hybrid vans and SUVs start at over $40,000. I don’t know if Jerry Holt, and other parents with sizable families, have eighty grand available to plunk down on the equipment necessary for life in Obama’s America, but they’d better find it, fast. Maybe Holt could save money by purchasing only one hybrid minivan, and strapping excess children to the roof.

These are not concerns for the elevated mind of the Sage of Decline, for Barack Obama will never stuff his family into a hybrid minivan. His presidency is all about changing your life. The process is well under way. Stop pining for the old days of prosperity and freedom, do what he says, and everything will be fine.

Fine? Fine for him that is.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Election Fraud Allegations
Fly In Close Wisconsin
Supreme Court Race

by Matthew Boyle - April 7th, 2011 - The Daily Caller

Wisconsin citizens and election experts are questioning the veracity of the state’s Supreme Court race, which the Associated Press reports left-wing legal activist JoAnne Kloppenburg won by 204 votes over Justice David Prosser, out of the more than 1.4 million votes.

On an estimated more than 10,000 ballots in Dane County, Wisconsin, where the state capital Madison is, voters selected only a pick in the Supreme Court race, while leaving even the hotly contested mayoral and county executive choices blank. That raises red flags for election experts...


“There are reports of 17-year-olds voting because they didn’t need to show proof of their age or anything like that,” [radio show host Vicki] McKenna told TheDC. “There were folks allegedly using their husbands’ or relatives’ utility bills in voter registration, ballots weren’t being counted because they were using the wrong kind of pens. There’s an over-count of 10,000 votes in Dane County.”

How convenient that the overcount in votes in Dane County is exactly the same number as the suspicious ballots that only voted in the single election for Judge.

Combine that with a equally apparent pattern in a larger county in Milwaukee and the stolen vote count approaches 35,000 votes. Statewide it could reach twice that. Even with that outrageous fraud, the Democrats and their union thugs barely managed to produce a 204 vote advantage based on the first reports.

How obvious does the corruption have to get before our courts finally decide to stop the fraud? No one in America believes our election process is honest. Only an idiot would believe that any longer.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

March Madness:
U.S. Gov't Spent More Than
Eight Times Its Monthly Revenue

by Terence P. Jeffrey - April 4th, 2011 - CNS News

The U.S. Treasury has released a final statement for the month of March that demonstrates that financial madness has gripped the federal government.

President Obama has gone nearly insane in his attempts to buy another term in office. Already spending money at a pace unheard of in our history, he and his various underlings have accelerated that rate to insane levels.

Based on the reports described in this article, Obama will increase our national debt more in FOUR MONTHS than George W. Bush did in his entire EIGHT YEARS. Even worse, in only TEN MONTHS, Obama will increase the national debt more than we incurred in our nation's entire PREVIOUS HISTORY!


Monday, April 04, 2011

Why The Republicans
Can't Find A Candidate

by Spengler (David P. Goldman) - April 5th, 2011 - The Asia Times

Former president Ronald Reagan defined his part [in our destiny] for a quarter a century, and it is worth remembering how he did so. During the 1979 primaries when Reagan trounced his establishment competitors - Texas governor John Connally and the elder George Bush - he was told during a strategy session that not one Fortune 500 chief executive officer had endorsed him. America's big corporations, the pillars of the party during the Dwight D Eisenhower and Richard Nixon administrations, backed Connally or Bush.

"Then I will be the candidate of the small businessman, the farmer, and the entrepreneur," Reagan told his staff. The late Jude Wanniski, who preached what became Reaganonomics from the Wall Street Journal editorial page through the 1970s, told me this story 10 years later, when I became his partner in an economic consulting firm.

Reagan unleashed a wave of entrepreneurship such as post-depression America had never seen, and transformed the Republicans from a party of country-club conservatism to the party of boot-strapping creative destruction.

Where are the entrepreneurs?

Good question. Even better question. How do we ever get the youth of today, brainwashed in the socialist dominions of deluded professorships, to see their future as one of creating wealth as entrepreneurs. The youth of today start with an absolute belief that wealth just is. Redistribution of this wealth is the only thing they understand. Entrepreneurs are perceived as evil people who hoard wealth. Not creators of wealth. No one wants to be evil. Unless entrepreneurs are seen as creators of destiny they will never be the role models that youth aspires to join.

It is not clear that the Tea Party movement has yet accepted the need to abandon the country club wing of the Republican Party. During the intervening years since Reagan, this wing of the party has slowly retaken control and they set the agenda. The exciting business warriors of the Reagan era have become complacent. The youth have been told only to despise them... and they do so enthusiastically. How do we ignite the passion for a greater destiny that Reagan ignited among those opportunists of his time? It appears we cannot even talk with the youth. We better learn how.

Even worse, it is not clear that talking about the exciting future even matters to the Tea Party movement. Having joined the country club wing in complacency, it is not clear they want to talk about the destiny of creating wealth as entrepreneurs either.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

‘Disabling’ America,
One Lawsuit At A Time

by Arnold Ahlert - March 30th, 2011 - Jewish World Review

In 2008, President Bush signed into law the "ADA Amendments Act of 2008" ("ADAAA"), which clarified and broadened the definition of disability and--just like so many other government programs--expanded the population eligible for protections under the ADA. Thus for example, the new rules now cover "episodic conditions and mitigating measures…expanding disability coverage…many courts had previously concluded were not covered under the ADA," according to law firm Baker Botts L.L.P.

The law firm then states the obvious: "Employers might expect to see an increase in requests for reasonable accommodations, and should review their procedures for responding to such requests to acknowledge this expanded disability coverage. Employers might also expect to see an increase in litigation testing the limits of the new provisions, at least in those states that do not already have more generous state disability discrimination laws."

Translation: trial lawyers are going a have a field day shaking down businesses on behalf of people whose "disabilities" will undoubtedly stretch decent Americans' credulity to the breaking point. Nothing illustrates this better than a Fox News article on the law in which legal experts reveal the ultimate absurdity: "Millions of Americans may be disabled and not even know it."

Does this strike fear into your soul? It should. It is exactly how, through unintended consequences, progressives are stripping us of our freedom in the name of justice. What results is not justice. We have become a nation strangled by lawyers and judges, where anyone who is willing to "whine" gets a free ride from those who work.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Barack Obama:
Losing $84 Billion
[Considered] Big Success [?]

by Kerry Picket - March 31st, 2011 - The Washington Times

Barack Obama has some 'splaining to do about taxpayers' profitable "investment" in General Motors. It turns out the president is imagining things.

Though Democrats tout the auto bailout as a success, recent reports illustrate the taxpayer cost of the GM auto bailout was substantially larger than the Obama administration and a Congressional Oversight report has owned up to.

"American taxpayers are now positioned to recover more than my administration invested in GM,” President Obama said, according to a piece in USA Today last November.

Despite repeated assurances that we were going to get out money back by a number of Obama officials besides Obama himself, it turns out that all of these assurances were simply Obama delusions. You know what an Obama delusions is, right? That is a ball faced lie that the press touts so frequently that you never find out it is a lie.

In truth the investment is actually going to lose $25 billion. However it is worse than that. It also ignores the $45 billion in taxes owed that was wiped out in the bankruptcy, and another $14 billion tax break awarded to GM in violation of normal tax law. Total - $84 billion.

So that claim the tax payers would recover their investment was a little off. However maybe Obama counts that as recovery for his voters since the UAW was given huge amounts of the $84 billion so they could campaign for Obama in the next election. He just did not want to point out the corruption in giving so much to the union when he forced the bankruptcy court to illegally wipe out hundreds of billions in secured debt in total violation of the law.

Can anyone believe anything that the Magic Marxist Messiah ever says?